Waterloo at home | Game Rules

We want Waterloo at home to be a fun game to play without players having to stress over hostile player interactions or other inappropriate situations. In order to ensure this experience this rules list will tell you what isn’t allowed in game.

Roblox Terms of Use & Community Standards

You are expected to follow the Roblox Terms of Use and ​Community Standards at all times, whether it be in game or elsewhere on the platform. Examples of violations include but not limited to:

  • Toxic or trolling behavior that involves harassment, bullying, or threats of violence
  • Using exploits or other cheats to gain an unfair advantage over others
  • Bypassing the chat, name, or image filters to say or show inappropriate content

For more information please refer to the Roblox Terms of Use and ​Community Standards.

Additional Game Rules

Whether you’re communicating with other players or playing the game by yourself you are responsible for how you express yourself. These are the general rules you need to follow while playing Waterloo at home:

  • Don’t engage in harassment of others.
  • Don’t abuse game bugs, glitches, or exploits.
  • Don’t make threats of violence or threaten to harm others.
  • Don’t troll or actively ruin someone’s playing experience.
  • Don’t spam the chat or other communications.
  • Don’t grief or intentionally destroy or block someone’s build.

Zero-Tolerance Hate Speech Policy

We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination based on someone’s race, sex, ethnicity, disabilities, orientation, religious affiliation, or national origin. Violators of this policy will be banned with no appeal.

Votekick Policy

Waterloo at home has a votekick feature which is unlocked by reaching a certain amount of play time. This feature is intended to give trusted community members privileges to host a votekick and get a rule breaker server banned when normal mods aren’t online to deal with rule breakers themselves.

If you are given votekick privileges, whether though play time or directly from a developer, you are only allowed to use them against actual rule breakers. You are forbidden to use votekick against those who haven’t actually broken any rules or against players you don’t like.

Server bans are temporary. They expire after a certain amount of time and don’t ban the rule breaker from all servers. To get a rule breaker globally and possibly permanently banned join our communications server found in the Waterloo at home Social Links and submit a report ticket with solid evidence.

All votekicks are logged and we reserve the right to punish those who we believe have violated this policy.

Account Punishments

To enforce our game rules, account punishments are issued when someone attempts to or actually does break the rules. These are the general punishments issued for each offense:

  • Harassment - 2 warnings, then 3 day ban.
  • Spamming - 2 warnings, then 3 day ban.
  • Griefing - 2 warnings, then 1 week ban.
  • Trolling - 2 warnings, then 1 week ban.
  • Toxicity - 1 warning, then 2 week ban.
  • Chat or image bypassing - instant 2 week ban.
  • Exploiting or cheating - instant permanent ban.
  • Votekick abuse - instant permanent ban.
  • Racism - instant permanent ban.
  • Anything else not explicitly listed - 1 warning, then 1 week ban.

Warnings, kicks, mutes, or getting your appeal approved are not guaranteed or entitled before or after you’re punished.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I report someone who broke the rules?

Join our communications server found in the Waterloo at home Social Links and submit a report ticket with solid evidence.

What can I do if I was punished by mistake?

If you believe you were wrongly punished you may join our communications server found in the Waterloo at home Social Links and open an appeal ticket.

Someone else was using my account! Can my punishment be lifted?

An account penalty cannot be removed regardless of who was using your account at the time.

I'm using an alternate account because my main is banned, will this account get banned too?

We don’t ban alts just because they’re alts. If you obey the rules you won’t be banned but if it is known to us your main account was banned for something serious we may ban your alternate account as well.

These rules will be updated from time to time to fit the needs of the community. We reserve the right to update these rules at anytime with or without notice. If you have specific questions or concerns about any of the rules you’re welcome to contact us through our communications server found in the Waterloo at home Social Links.