Way to generate a huge mountain?

What is the best way to generate a mountain and only a mountain, not terrain or anything. I’m thinking perlin noise but I’m not sure if that can generator only a mountain the increases up.

I assume this mountain was created automatically not manually, so how would I create something like this aswell?


Yeah, you just need to use perlin noise and have an understanding of how it works. Certain noise generators and configurations can create something as complex as this.

Perhaps this could help:

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If you only want a mountain its actually pretty easy, ill give you a brief overview of how to do this if you want specific help just ask.

Lets say your mountain is centered at 0,0 and the terrain expands -100 to 100 on both axis, you can get the noise value with simply math.noise(x/200, z/200, seed), then increase the y value by how close it is to the center point, so lets say y = math.noise(x/200, z/200, seed), y *= 2^(1 - math.abs(x)/100 + 1 - math.abs(z)/100))

For colors, just use different thresholds of y
y < 10 and grass
y < 100 and stone
y < 150 and snow

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You may want to see this topic:

Thanks, I will try this. Sorry for the late reply, that was last night.

could you go in more depth? Im having a hard time trying to understand this.

This is what it is so far. There’s a mountain, however I want the tallest part to be the middle, and then the bottom be not steep at all just like the picture in the original post. I saw that when I dont multiply it by the noise, and it’s just that equation, it creates a very symmetrical mountain, with the highest point in the middle, but it doesn’t look natural.