Way to listen for POST request?

Howdy devs! So I am working on Discord bot that communicates with Roblox, I am trying to use webservers, I already have one set up and my bot posts a request with all the needed data, but now I need to make it so my Roblox game listens for the POST request, I don’t want to use cookies because they aren’t very safe.

Can’t you just use GetAsync? And then you can use JSONDecode (If it’s json.)

GetAsync sends the request not listens for it.

Also note that I’m using Luvit for my bot, which is kinda JS and Lua mashed together or something.

No you can’t do that. You will need to use long polling which basically consists of continuously query your web server and request data.

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Are there any modules for Luvit?

What do you mean? You can’t use luvit in roblox

You don’t mean what I mean, I mean if there’s any long polling modules for Luvit and Roblox