Way to make a part is biggering or smalling like music

Hello, I need do the model in part is biggering and smalling how music plays
Here is what a reched

My script
	local Loud = game.Workspace.Sound.PlaybackLoudness
	local Multipler = -100
	for _,part in pairs(script.Parent.LightingParts:GetChildren()) do
		part.Size = Vector3.new(Loud - Multipler, part.Size.y ,part.Size.Y,part.Size.Z)
	local part = script.Parent.Union
	part.Size = Vector3.new(Loud - Multipler, part.Size.y ,part.Size.Y,part.Size.Z)

Problem is I need decrese how it biggering but idk how
Thank for any help :slight_smile:

Hello, What excactly are you looking for?

I will send a video what I trying do wait

I understand, you want the part getting bigger or smaller as the volume of the music increases or decreases?

Um Loud - Multipler and Multipler = -100 so you are doing Loud + 100?

isn’t doing any sense, change it into this:

Vector3.new(Loud + 100, part.Size.y,part.Size.Z)

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Here is video what I trying do

Ik nice quality XD

Or just play this game

and look that radios You will undestand then