Way to make neon glow more when atmosphere is dark?

Hi, I am wanting to keep the neon effects when the atmopshere in Lighting is dark, but It looses its neon effect? Is there a way to keep it? Here is a pic:

Also sorry if im being vague, i dont know what else to write.


Bloom lighting effect could work if you tune it properly

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Try using a BloomEffect in Lighting, it’s purpose is to make neon parts glow more.

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I’m already using bloom though.

You need to change the properties have you not?

The properties are
threshold = 1
intensity = 1
and size is max. I can’t go in studio rn, i keep getting errors so sorry for no SS

If you add a SurfaceLight you could intensify the effect

I will try that later since studio is down, but i cant add a surface light because the lightning bolt is too big isnt

currently, it is impossible to make neons brighter.

One thing I do recommend though is making the color brighter in general, and turning your graphics settings in studio and game up.

My graphics settings are already max in studio and in-game.

Not home to test this; but you might be able to just double stack two of these parts. Otherwise, I would add a SurfaceLight, match the light output and just dim it down

Thank you, but I forgot to mark a soloution. I just changed the color brighter and changed bloom a bit more higher. But thank you anyways bro.

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