Way to much dislikes

My game is receiving a lot of dislikes, with a like/dislike ratio of 60%. I’m uncertain about the reasons behind this. While some players might be kids, I believe there could be other issues at play.

To address this, I’ve implemented a system to encourage players who enjoy the game to give positive feedback. Whenever feedback contains positive words like “good,” “love,” or “cool,” a GUI prompt appears asking them to like the game.

Here’s the link to my game:Survive Flight 871 [Missions/Quests UPDATE] - Roblox


what feedback have you received so far?
Do you have a tutorial?
Also the thumbnails need work.
Also track how long people play for and in what stage they leave, like being a beginner

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the feedbacks are just like add stupid things or just hate/ love comments and em then the words that children should not know about. i have like 2 tutorials. and players are leaving like 180s after the plane crash

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So Im a little busy now so I cant join the game, do you mind telling me what happens after the plane crashes?

Usually dislikes happen because a game is hard or/and buggy.

you just got to survie kill bears and get food

is there an end goal? Cause from the sound of it that isnt very exciting

yes end goal is to get rescued( you need to kill alot of bears to get wood and then call rescue with 200 wood)

That sounds incredibly tedious. From the look of it people are getting bored and disliking it cause well, not to be rude but that sounds horrible.

Boom theres your problem

I have actually played your game before, and I must say. You need to nerf most of the wood you need to get. Also when you get the rescue helicopter nothing happens, you just get picked up by a helicopter and taken to some house up in the plains. This will be mostly the issue caused. The game being hard, but you should also give an objective to the players so they understand it more.

By objective I mean a text that appears on the screen with the objective, first time I was confused what was I supposted to do until I got the gun and shot the bears.

The issue is probably the very much bugs. Played the game, and wasn’t even able to board the plane. Once I clicked the feedback button once and closed it, I couldn’t see any prompt anymore.

just a question was it laggy and like did the takeoff timer run out?

I didn’t see any timer and I was playing on a phone, but wasn’t really lagging

ye there is omthinge wrong with my scrips