Way to prove your age

As the title says, I was wondering if there is a feature in Developer forum where you can prove your age. If not I was wondering if Roblox can add it. *Roblox states in their rules, “ Our community is gauged for Developers aged 13 years and older.” I know if your roblox account age is under 13, you cannot apply but some people put in fake birthdays. I think a way you can fix this is like discord. *If you are under 13 and they figure out, they will ask for an id or passport to prove the age with a selfie of yourself.

Thank you for reading a feel free to share your opinions.

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Edit I have worded this differently. When someone gets reported for being underaged, their accounts get deactivated or suspended until they can give the information.

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Roblox already does this, if your account is <13 it doesn’t let you log in at all. Since when you first log in the default trust level that is given is TL0 (visitor), which unlocks access to #development-discussion, which contains (legacy) content with some mild profanity in it, which is allowed in private categories.

I also don’t believe many users are comfortable sharing this kind of information, and also some users could just use the information of their parents who are obviously >13, so this isn’t going to work. People are doing this on Discord already.

this is incorrect and isn’t happening anytime soon for legal reasons


That is pretty much what companies such as Twitter and Facebook do if you get reported for being underage.


Taking in what you are saying, I should have worded this a bit differently. When someone gets reported for being underaged, their accounts get deactivated or suspended until they can give the information.


Yea… Pretty much what both companies I mention do…

And why would this happen, developer engagement only suspends when they have concrete evidence. It’s pretty pointless to ask for that info when it is confirmed you are <13, and also i dont think coppa would be too happy with this information being collected.

This should be checked at the platform level (#platform-feedback) , not at the devforum level. The forum is not the main product that keeps track of your age.


This is more of forum features then the actual website feedback since everyone can play Roblox.

I just got my first id when I turned 14 (not a learner’s permit or anything, just a state id). Most people don’t get their id in America until 15-18, so I don’t really know how this could work.

And I don’t have a passport.

Invading user privacy is not the way forward, and adds a manual bottleneck like applications did.


Discord shouldn’t have to ask you to provide a selfie of yourself. An ID is enough information. Even then, they shouldn’t have to escalate it to that. They find out via means of other people reporting you.

And also this request should be put into #platform-feedback:website-features Not Forum Features.

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It’s to show that the ID is actually yours (you send a photo of the ID with a piece of paper showing your Discord username, and a video of you holding the ID and waving), and it’s only done if you’ve said you are appealing an underage account ban.

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Asking for an ID is classed as invading user privacy. Not like Roblox or Discord actually will have to ask you for ID.

Nobody said this happens occasionally? This is only in case of “false” underage bans


It is an invasion of user privacy, which is why no company should do it. In Discord’s case, they only do it if you persist you’re of age when you yourself said you’re not; so it’s more of an unrequired act of kindness on their part.

The forum doesn’t know your age. If you log in as a 13- user you are blocked at roblox.com with an error message before your data ever reaches the forum.

This should be requested in #platform-feedback.


Alright, I cannot seem to find the category you are talking about.

You need Trust Level 2 (Regular) or higher to post in the Platform Feedback category IIRC. You are only Trust Level 1 (Member).

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No. Just no. There may be hackers who can steal your private information JUST FROM ONE PICTURE. Plus it’s bad if a hacker sees your image.

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