Waypoint Hotels | Staff Hiring Process

Ranking up to Receptionist - Security

In order to rank up to Trainee, the user must first join our group to receive the Hotel Visitor rank:
:link: Waypoint Hotels - Roblox

Secondly, the user must go to the game labeled as ‘quiz center’. You will be asked a series of questions, and upon answering the majority of them correctly, you will automatically be ranked to ‘Trainee’.

Once you are ranked trainee, you have the opportunity to attend a Waypoint training session. Upon attending the training and passing, you will receive the rank of receptionist. From that point on, you are to continue to attend training sessions up until achieving the rank of Senior Staff.

Ranking up to Head of Services

Here at Waypoint, we employ a staff mentorship system for users ranking through to the MR team. Within the Staff Intern cadre, users within the designated rank will need to undergo mentorship. By this, the user will be sent our MR guide and assessment for them to complete. Upon passing the assessment, the users will be ranked to Head of Services. If the user does not obtain the set required amount of points to pass, they will remain the rank of Staff Intern until the assessment is completed correctly. To obtain the rank of Staff Intern, a user must:

apply for Staff Intern and pass (as a Senior Staff member)
recommended as a Senior Staff for Staff Intern (recommendation is approved and the user is ranked to Staff Intern)

Ranking up to HR+

From this point, positions are no-longer applicable. To be recognized for a promotion, you must be consistently active, meet your weekly suggested requirements, as well as be seen as a respectful and professional individual on the behalf of the rest of the community.

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