Ways to Engage Users in a Roleplay Game?

I am creating a hotel game where guests can check in, and experience many things around the hotel. I am currently thinking about how to engage the users in the game and make them come back, and not just play one time. I want them to be able to experience something new each time they come back. If you have any questions about my game, let me know!
What are some ideas I can try to add to my hotel in order to keep guests interested in the gameplay and not just staff?

Definananty inclue limited time offers such as a rank like “cool customer!” Since most are small kids anyway and thrive to be noticed.
Side note, please dont include buy-to-get ranks. They overall ruin the game.

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Awesome suggestion! That is something I will for sure consider.
I do not plan to have buy-to-get ranks, as I agree completely. My vision for the game is for it to be very realistic in the hotel and in our staff organization, etc. I’m hoping it will work out!

You could put a secret monster in the basement that would take you on a side quest(bad idea lol)


Maybe you could add minigames regarding what the theme of the hotel is? Or maybe even a little shop and you can find in-game currency while exploring and spend it on items in it?

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Awesome ideas!
Some ideas I came up with included:
An outside marketplace plaza with stores that Roblox Clothing & Item companies can rent out with a contract of some sort. This would bring their audience to us and our audience to them, making it a win-win.
Another was a currency system, where guests could earn currency by winning in mini-games hosted by our Event Staff, our periodic challenges in the hotel, etc. They could then spend that money on things like cars, game-pass items, and more. Further, they may even be able to purchase a Taxi car, and use that to make even more money driving other guests around the city. (The hotel is in a city.)
Finally, there could be constantly-changing sites to see in the city. Not too much where the hotel isn’t the center of the game, but maybe some art, architecture, etc.
These would all come out on very regular updates, meaning there could be an update every couple weeks to a month.

I’ve never made an RP game but I would strongly suggest you give yourself enough time to build high quality maps.

Roleplaying games need to be heavily immersive; on top of good builds you need things like ambience, props and clothing to make the environment and atmosphere seem believable, else nobody would want to RP in it. Those are the areas I’d focus on to engage players.

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