Ways To Improve/Advance Logo Work

Hey there! :wave:

My designer name is seraluhst (although my current user is sinaeuu), and I create Roblox graphics and logos. Recently, I’ve chosen to expand on my logo work and I’m pretty proud of myself thus far. However, I feel like my work is limited as I’m not sure where to go next to further expand on my abilities in order to create differently structured, more unique logos. If anyone who’s experienced in logo design could leave some tips and/or examples of techniques, ideas, or anything of that sort below this post, I’d appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

Before you click, I apologize for not having my logos separate from my icons. My clients usually buy them in tandem, so I place them on their icons by request.
Some of my past work:

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I’m not sure if this is the specific kind of help you’re looking for, but some of these don’t pop out very well from the icon behind them, especially RGC, Jump Park, and Toqa (so when browsing experiences they won’t be easy to catch and read while skimming). More contrast, like a color that pops out from the intended background or contrasting outlines like what you did with xaetye, would improve the look in a lot of cases.

I don’t really have a ton of experience with logos, sorry I can’t really help much more than that.