Ways to make a devforum thread more popular?

what are things I can do to make a thread I make more popular? I was wondering things I can do incase I wanted to make an art showcasing thread or something like that. most threads i do do not get many people viewing it and I wanna know if you know ways that can make a thread get more viewers.

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Well, if people ask for your portfolio on hiring threads, you can link your thread to try and get your portfolio more popular.

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ok! thank you for your response. Ill do that in case I want to hire anybody for building or scripting a game

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You can put a thread as your featured topic. Some people delay their responses (10-20 mins) on their topics so their topic stays in the latest section longer so that it gets more views.

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thank you for your response! ill try doing that when I want to do a thread that I want to have many people replying too.

Wait, so your asking how to make. a devforum post more pouplar?

Honestly, a thread needs good points, and good timing. Getting a post on peak hours, for example, is a way to get a highly viewed thread. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter how pouplar your thread is. It just has to be intuitive, follows devforum rules, good points, and quality work (if you are looking for comission ofc)

Btw, if you are looking to create pouplar development discussion posts pls don’t make “already made” topics.

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Make your post contribute to the community, build something amazing that will catch the readers attention.

The forum is not about getting the most like’s or views (Highest Stats), it’s about making something that will contribute to the community.

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ok thank you for your response! yeah i have made that mistake of not searching before posting a couple times before and I lost A lot of likes from it. already checked this topic and no one else did something like this so I sm pretty sure this is safe.

yeah your right! thank you for your response

How about don’t. If you seek immediate help, perhaps you should try discord servers for support. When you’re on the forum, your mindset shouldn’t be set on how much traffic your post get it, but instead how it helps your target audience for that post and how to improve it.