Ways to make this Game Idea Great?

So I was playing Arsenal and was really enjoying the game like I have been, it’s super fun and unique due to it’s mechanics and game-play. Now I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but I had an idea for a game that could be my “side project” but wasn’t sure it’d be something people would play. Now I don’t want to just rip Arsenal off and slap a new name on it as that’d be MAJOR disrespectful to the creators. But my idea was to use Roblox Gear as the weapons. Like Arsenal you’d receive random gear and then be tasked to eliminate someone with said gear. Do so you gain a new gear. Now I wasn’t sure if this is a good idea so before I get invested into the idea I wanted community feedback as this sounds good on paper but may be different in the roblox world. I was thinking maps, skins, trails, etc. But again, don’t want to get invested into something that might be a complete waste of time & effort. So this being Design Support, for the design of this project is it Good? Would People Play it? As to design a game you need to know what people want FROM it. So feedback is appreciated and would love to see what others think of this.

  • Good idea, would play it
  • Bad idea, wouldn’t play it

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Thanks in advanced,

Why would I want to play your game instead of Arsenal?

If it’s an exact copy then why would anyone bother.

(If you can give people a few good reasons to play your game then you’re good.)

Not trying to sound rude or harsh but It’s a direct question that has to be answered.

While I and everyone else in the poll could be wrong because we never made a game like this ourselves, if you want experience you need to take action don’t be afraid to fail, although it’s good habit to do research before hand.


Oh no, totally agree with you, what I’m trying to ask is yes is this a good or bad idea THEN wanting to know what can/could be done to mold it/shape it into a unique different game opposite to Arsenal.

It’d be different compared to other front page games/ simulators
It’d use forgotten roblox items and can be used again in games
These items hardly show up in games now a days and might be fun to use again.

Now yes research is great which is why I’m using the DevForum first as it’s a community mostly filled with experienced devs who know a thing or two about this stuff.

Right, I’ll contribute, to the title of the OP at least.

So I play Arsenal like a lot, probably too much and even uploaded a few Gameplay footage to my channel.

One of my favorite things about the game is the Melee attacks, I love it when I punched someone to death it’s satisfying.

I also like the Flying Shotgun (DB Shotgun), I jump to peoples back and knife them all the time, can’t get enough of it.

There’s also the Explosion Gun, I like to shoot people of the map and then Gravity to the work for me, it’s really funny.

My favorite game mode is Death Match because I get to shoot everyone, those Teammates aren’t really teammates they are just protected from being shot at, I hate how people steal my tickets and deny my knife kills.

Arsenal is really unique, if you can craft these experiences then your game will perform great.

Everything about this idea is either contradictory to a prior statement, or doesn’t work out.

  1. This was the correct approach. Asking for community feedback is the right thing to do.
  1. If you are worried about disrespecting the Arsenal creators, this idea is a clear “rip-off.” It is the same idea with a slightly classical/nostalgic feel, because of Roblox gears.
  1. The design is not good, and people would not play it.