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Made by, Morthdx.

If you obtain to see "HOST:" or "CO-HOST:" those parts are specifically written for **only** Management Team+ to say if they are Hosting or Co-hosting interviews. "MR:" is for the Staff Assistant+ to say, only few sentences require MR+ to say.

Please note that you must NOT copy this guide for your own group, you will be reported if noticed.

Interview Process:

HOST: m :balloon:We will be starting momentarily, please note to be patient in the wait.:balloon:

HOST: M :lock:The server is now S-LOCKED! Leaving at this time will not have you rejoin.:lock:

HOST: m :question:PTS is now an effect, you are now allowed to ask questions if you say ‘PTS’, we will give you time to ask questions. PTS = Permission to Speak.:question:


HOST: m :sunflower:Salutations! My name is, (your name goes here), and I will be hosting today’s session with, (co-hosts name goes here), he/she, will be explaining all the guidelines and important information!:sunflower:

HOST: m :shushing_face:Please note DO NOT talk while you are at this time, talking will lead to a removal of the server.:shushing_face:

HOST: m :blush:Alright! We will now begin, (co-hosts name goes here) will now be partaking the guidelines, please stay quiet.:blush:

Interview Process:

CO-HOST: m Greetings! I’m ,(name), and I will be Co-Hosting today’s lovely session!

CO-HOST: m Before we start, I would like to thank all the MR+ who participated their day into coming here.

CO-HOST: m Okay! Without further or do, let’s start the guidelines, please listen and pay attention and DO NOT talk. Talking = Kick.


CO-HOST: M I - Respect everyone in the server.

CO-HOST: M II - Making grammar mistakes will be a cause of failing the whole test, use punctuation, grammar, and capitalization while you are being interviewed.

CO-HOST: M III - Getting mad about the interviews will be a result as a ban.

CO-HOST: M IV - If you are applying for Staff Assistant+ you MUST have dvscord or you will be kicked.

CO-HOST: M V - Cursing/Swearing is not allowed, this will result as a ban.

CO-HOST: M VI - If you are AFK for more than 30 seconds, you will be kicked.

CO-HOST: M VII - Sharing inappropriate content on the dvscord will result as a PBAN with no warnings.

CO-HOST: M VIII - Spamming and trolling is not allowed and will result as a removal of the server.

CO-HOST: M IX - Copy and pasting answers is not allowed, you will be banned from the group.

CO-HOST: M X - Roaming around is not tolerated, you will be removed from the server.

CO-HOST: M XI - Do not keep on asking for promotions. MRs are earned based on work ethics, activity and availability. HRs are based on need and they are a team decision.

CO-HOST: M XII - If you are recording, please disable the chat answers and your answers, for no cheating or copying others work.

CO-HOST: m Thank you all! (HOST NAME GOES HERE), will now be taking over my position with the advice! Please listen and do not talk, PTS is still not allowed in the process.

Interview Process:

HOST: m Greetings, again! I will now be partaking the Advice Stage, this stage is for help and advice while you are being interviewed.

HOST: m Alrighty! I shall start! (TALKING = KICK).

HOST: m ADVICE | Grammar

HOST: m We expect at least professionalism with grammar, we take it very strictly, you are given III grammar chances while you are interviewed, our interviewers expect professionalism and high grammar sentences, you cannot ask a interviewer to either skip the question, you must try your best and maintain the sentence.

HOST: m ADVICE | Respect Policy

HOST: m You must respect everyone in the server no matter what rank they are, disrespecting will be a cause of a removal of server or a ban depending on the lack of disrespect you add towards the person.

HOST: m ADVICE | Questionable Answers

HOST: m You are not allowed to ask to repeat the sentence, ask to skip the question, or pretend to be AFK, if you are stuck on the question, you must give your best try to answer the question given and re-think it.

HOST: M If you happen to disconnect, the interviewer/host will automatically unlock the server so you can rejoin.

HOST: m Thank you all for listening and paying attention! The Co-Host, will now take-over.

Interview Process:

HOST: m Greetings, again! I will now be beginning the grammar test, while participating in this section, I need to remind you guideline number II.

HOST: m II - Making grammar mistakes will be a cause of failing the WHOLE SESSION, use punctuation, grammar, and capitalization while you are being interviewed.

HOST: m Please use that guideline for help.

HOST: m Okay! We will now start the official grammar test, please listen for important information.

HOST: m A | Grammar Test

HOST: m AI | One of our lovely Staff Assistant+ will PM (private message) you a sentence that has incorrect grammar mistakes, you will have to fix this in I minute, failing will be a cause of failing the whole session. When I say go, Staff Assistant+ please go and give them a sentence, if you are confused Supervisors, please ask a MR+ for helpful tips.


STAFF ASSISTANT: pm applicants name goes here Please fix the following sentence: i luv wunder cafez foodz and i wanna work herez

STAFF ASSISTANT (THIS PART IS IF APPLICANT HAS GOT A MISTAKE IN THE GRAMMAR TEST): Unfortunately, you have missed a few mistakes in the process! Apologies, in return, I will pm you the correct sentences.

STAFF ASSISTANT (THIS IS FOR IF APPLICANTS FAILED THE GRAMMAR TEST) Unfortunately, you have exceeded the amount of mistakes in your passage, there-for, you have failed the session, but do not fret, there are more chances in the future!

HOST: m Thank you all for listening! The Host, (HOST NAME GOES HERE!), will now takeover!

Interview Process:

HOST: m Thank you all for staying with me and the Co-Host, we will now begin the official interview! Staff Assistant please go to your positions, if you are confused, please PM me or a Co-Host!

INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: [WC] | Interview Questions and Guide

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