We’re updating Heads!

Please SHUT UP about “overlords” and “investors” and “middle-aged people” PLEASE.

That is absolutely NOT why these changes are happening, if you know a bit about Roblox then you know they’ve been trying to make more “realistic” avatars since 2007, when Roblox was just a few dudes and not a public company. They’ve also been making very unpopular decisions YEARS before they became public. Ignorant people like you will simply keep scapegoating these mysterious middle-aged investor boogeymen, ruining Roblox from the shadows, but if you had half a brain, you’d realize that Roblox has just been shit for like 6 years.

Also: Don’t expect Roblox to respond. Roblox has never responded as far as I know regarding items going offsale.


yeah the shading looks super scuffed and overall just really ugly

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it pleases investors because the investors want new things, they want innovation, they want the next big hit. And sometimes that “next big hit” is something risky like animated faces or rthro, roblox gets to decide what they do, but in the end they are merely trying to appease stockholders.

roblox would happily ban all our accounts and steal all our robux if it made the investors happy, thats a fact. So it makes sense why people use that as a scapegoat in situations like this.

im making middle aged stock brokers sound like super-villains lol


Who cares about investors when you got Dynamic Heads™!? Totally 100% guaranteed satisfaction, right?


Guys. Stop doing things which you not even tested enough. It just not finished, and you are trying to use it finished, and this occuring because either:

  1. You want to test and upgrade it (0.01% chance bc a lot of features which you can impove you just don’t improve due to reasons you don’t say)
  2. Get rid of old CHEAP faces and replace them with new x5-10 more expensive ones to increase revenue (stupid (maybe not) reason but possible)
  3. Ruin Roblox history? (huh)

Maybe there’s more reasons, but I can’t imagine them.

Bruh, you telling me that new heads just like old one? Look above and see DOZENS posts about big diffirence.

For how long we will have this option? Because, if current classic faces are going offsale, I can think that you can just one day remove that faces for everyone, and replace them with new wacky alternatives.

Just question, what means “As always”? If As always means how Roblox usually respond, then I can say that the best thing everyone will receive is absolute silence or one big message that says that we won’t listen to you all and behave like we want. Ofc, there’s always exeptions, but bruh, there’s already more than 700 REPLIES AND NO SINGLE RESPONSE FROM ROBLOX!?
Don’t you find it strange, SergeantBlocky, that ORIGINAL post, your, got THREE TIMES LESS likes as first reply (at moment of writing this reply: 212 vs 593 = 2.79 times)?

Personally, I love realistic things like this heads, but Roblox, in my opinion you did bad work. Your faces aren’t optimized, have WEIRD geometry. In comparsion of old ones, which had not messy geometry. Personally I love much more old faces, because it cool, cheap, and OPTIMIZED. Single decal much better than hundreds of extra vertex.


Investors have no day in the development of roblox. Infact its s stupid argument at best because investors wouldnt be telling roblox to make updates that piss off the community. Because funnily enough. No community means no money. No money means no value. No value means no investors.

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Again, investors have no say in a companies development. And investors would be against things that drive away the community. Because once again. If theres no community. Theres no profit. And without profit. The investors lose stock share value. I dont see why you think investors are just sitting around telling roblox how to make them lose money

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Finally someone who gets it. The problem is half of these people have little to no idea how investment works. Its almost comical.


guess i won’t be sleeping tonight after seeing this “gem” of a cage



Almost my whole Face Inventory is OFF-SALE!!!


The dynamic heads are messing up my Green Outline!!!


Is this using robloxs highlight or your own
If its your own use a different inverse mesh. If its roblox you should try and file a bug report


Oh what a shocker. Yet another unwanted update to the platform. There have been countless things that were removed from Roblox, and they never really said anything about its removal.

Take the public audio marketplace that got private for instance. No one wanted that to happen, and apparently they got sued by music writers for it. It’s been over a year and still not a sign of them making a single update about it again. I can go on and on about the Roblox updates that changed the platform in a negative way, but that’s for another time.

My point is that they really need to start listening to their community more, and rethink what they did with the classic faces. I honestly think it might be one of the worst updates to ever come on the platform in my opinion. And some people said that they don’t want to use the dynamic heads. I think you need to settle this and make it so that you work on updates like these, but at the same time keep the original features/catalog items on the website. The earlier players of Roblox would agree that it’s been going in an unnecessary direction.

Please give the time to listen your own players who always comment on the negative updates. It will be better for you and for us, the players. Also, to add on to that, it may not be much robux for the first wave of classic faces that went off sale, but newer players to the platform might prefer to get the classic face besides the facial expressions.


This is using an Avatar Layered Clothing Outline. I was just messing around and clicked on it and it showed that.

I Can’t file a Bug Report on the Developer Forum, because for Whatever Reason, it won’t let me because I’m not a Regular.


I just realized I wasn’t looking in the right place… :man_facepalming:

Edit 2: Oh wait. It just won’t let me. I can only report Forum Bugs!!

Why are there so many polygons on the eyes? Do you really need all of them for smooth blinking?


they literally took down the faces. this IS forced.


This is the worst update for sure in the past few years.


Not really cause you can still use them

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I will say that there appears to be absolutely no reason to take these items offsale besides being able to charge a pretty penny for these new faces. Roblox wouldn’t force these changes if they were changes people actually wanted. If these new heads actually are much better than PNG faces, then people would naturally change over to them, which I can’t see happening unless ROBLOX makes some very needed changes to their geometry and style. If they manage to make them look at least 95% similar, I’m sure many people would welcome this change.

I, personally, don’t want my face to move. Many roleplay games use custom face features which allows for decals to be updated. Forcing this change would cause damage to the scripts and capabilities of these games, and in other sectors where the code depends on classic heads.

However, I would like everyone to please stop fearmongering about this. While this change is certainly unnecessary and even unwelcome, it is entirely possible that these faces will become onsale after these updates have passed, they may be ironing out features. For instance, remember when vest items were removed from UGC before Layered Clothing was added? Now, vests are able to be worn on 1.0 avatars just fine.


Yikeroonies you sound a little peeved.

I’ve been on this hellscape of a game since 2010, trust me when I say I know the game’s been going downhill prior to becoming public. I just attribute it to multiple reasons, not one or the other.

The company focuses on profit and will sacrifice their userbase in exchange for lining pockets, that’s why people keep talking about investors and that’s why the commentary will continue now. You can’t ignore it, it’s just becoming another variable.