We’ve Rebuilt Sponsored Games!

Looks like you have the days and months mixed? :thinking:

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At risk of sounding spoiled, we have no access to this feature despite having a released game with good playercount/engagement stats, while A game that is a stolen copy of Animal Simulator has access with alternate accounts.

What is going on with this rollout system?

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AMAZING! I sponsored my game Zulu Wars to over 10k people. I think I got around 15 clicks. I love the age and gender changes! I wanted to show my game to preteen and teen boys, since that’s who plays those musket warfare games. Amazing update.


Thank you for adding this feature. I think that this will make it way easier to make our games successful.


I dont get your point. Your saying when somebody has a baby boy they should buy them girl toys and boy toys? No. Boys generally enjoy playing with dinosaurs while girls play with dolls more. Why should we encourage boys who like playing fps games and such to play dress up dancing games? If a boy wants boy stuff theres no reason to force girl stuff to them.

Edit: this is what the servers of royale high look like

I see around 3 boys in there. So why should devs waste spending robux on ads for royale high for all genders when they can do female only and get more players simply because 13 yr old males are most likely going to ignore the ad


Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this update!

However, I will not be using sponsors from this point on, and I would recommend against other developers using them, as the value for money of sponsors has been massively reduced ever since Roblox stopped showing sponsored games in the first 4 sorts (meaning you have to scroll down an entire page worth of sorts to see any sort of sponsored ad).

This decreases the number of sponsors that can be fit on a page, lowering impressions and also essentially hiding them from any users not making a positive action to scroll through the bottom categories. There is a feature request to fix this particular incongruity (I’m assuming it’s an oversight considering sponsored ads just received a massive update, and the idea isn’t to kill them off) which I hope is addressed.


Something isn’t a stereotype if it’s statistically true. Is it wrong for a boy to like “feminine” things or the other way around? No, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are still statistical outliers, it’s just how it is, because it hasn’t been very long since an era where people were raised under certain roles.


Good work, seems like a good update for sponsors.

There is some controversy on the gender part, but the purpose is girls would likely be targeted with ads that are more for girls (like royale high), and boys would likely be targeted with ads more for boys (like Jailbreak). Of course, there is no problem if a girl likes Jailbreak or if a boy likes Royal high, its just statistics.


Uhm, I don’t think ads targeting by gender is “sexism”, I see your point, but that statistics show what boy/girl users on Roblox like more.


I feel like the discussion about the gender targeting features is really unnecessary.

At the end of the day, if they want to, boys are going to go into girl targeted games and girls are going to boy targeted games.

Like many have mentioned, it all comes down to analytics. Not Roblox trying to be immoral or whatever and forcing gender roles🙄


Has anybody run an advert on the new sponsorship update? Sponsoring is now dead for me with this new update. I ran a 15,000 Robux sponsored advert yesterday and received less traffic than each of my previous 10 days without an advert, and 5x less yield VS previous adverts on the old sponsor platform, using the same Robux daily spend, same audience and for the same game - how does that work?!?

The CTR on the new sponsor platform was 0.032% whereas my previous ads on the old sponsor platform were an average of 0.156% (across all devices to match the new single ad across all devices). So it yielded almost 5x less than the old sponsored adverts! I know that this is a single try at the new update VS lots of ads on the old sponsored ads but I’m not willing to throw away more Robux when the drop in results is this extreme. I have never had an advert come anywhere near this level of poor performance.

I like new innovation but they must have also updated the advert performance, which has had a massively negative effect and made spending Robux on advertising a lot more expensive.

Is this something that Roblox will be fixing or is this and intentional move to make more money? I hope that it’s not the latter and can be fixed.


Oh how the almighty lords at ROBLOX have blessed us.

This is such a great change for developers and community members alike. The chance to extend how long our sponsors/advertisements will last and to adjust what sort of demographic that they will show up for will be an extremely useful feature in the long run.

As mentioned a few replies above you, this is due to the new sorts being moved around. Players must scroll in order to even see a sponsor as it currently is.


Yeah I agree to this, not every girl is some royale high or adopt me addict. It would be pretty insulting for every female player to just get raise a family and fashion show games for the ads on their screen. Because they may like racing games or war games the most. And boys make like fashion show games as well.

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Ok this is amazing although I do think roblox should remove the “Gender” option because I think that would lead to ALOT of issues but besides that I think its amazing, I always wanted to be able to make ads that target a certain age group because my meme games get disliked because younger kids don’t understand them.


But even though mostly girls play royale high that does not mean Every girl plays royale high. You could look on arsenal which roblox may call it a boys game and tons of girls play that too. Gender targeting may make games a bit more successful. But doing that i feel is really insulting to each gender

I agree. Doing the gender targeting wont make a difference. If somebody wants to play a raise a family game or a shooter game they can just search it up and they will play it.

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Yesterday I saw that they were updating group funds to 7 days and it made me mad. When I saw this I think it evened it out.

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This is a very good update, nice to see these things improve! Nice job


Well some games are targeted towards girls. Some are targeted towards boys. I think that this is a good update.