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About Us

Hello! We are Fusion studios a new and small upcoming team! We are currently looking for people to help on are Bakon story game!

The Team
@Squad_Dev - Owner, Builder , Ui designer
@blackdhruva Builder
@AviaBasil Builder

About The Job

We need a scripter that can script cutscenes npc chat and npc movement, and ui’s. We need a scripter that has been scripting over 1 year. More info to be said.


For the builder we need someone with experience and has been building for 1 to 2 years and knows how to build well designed and low poly builds. More info to be said.

3d modeler

For the 3d modeler we need someone who can make cameras furniture and more for the sets/ maps. More info will be said in discord.


Payment will be split mainly the scripter and builder will get more payment and payment will begin on release as currently we do not have funds. But payment will split between 1K - 10K.

Contact Us

Contact me @Squad_Dev#8331 and tell me your discord username if you friend me


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I am interested _ 2537 _ #5424 (no spaces next to underscores)

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Hello, I specialise in building, 3D modeller, UI and graphic design. I am interested in working with you.

I cannot add you on discord for some reason, so here is my ID. Please contact me: Blacc#9878

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The discord thing is not working


but i will add you and the team


Yep, I received your request, Thank you

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people who i get we are done that all for today we don’t need no more people

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