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Mining Mission

4/24/2020 - B000

This is the first update of Mining Mission we would consider representative of a Beta product. We rolled out B000 for community testing, then we updated to B001 once we were confident with the product.

  • We’ve added a daily rewards system! This system takes in to account your tier and amount of weeks in a row you have logged on to increase the rewards. If you don’t log in for 3 days straight, your reward weeks in a row reset.
  • We have created a brand new inventory GUI. Check it out!
  • UI buttons have been revamped, hopefully their purposes are a bit clearer now.
  • The base anvils have been replaced with one single anvil in the new blacksmith at the middle of the map. This anvil also repairs significantly faster than the old anvils. Enjoy!
  • Pickaxe head breaking has been redone.
  • Ore collection has been redone.
  • Random critical hits have been added. Critical hits do 3x damage and have a base chance of 5%, increasing by 1% every rebirth, but capping at 15%.
  • No more tools! You will now always have your pickaxe in hand. You can interact with the anvil, refinery, etc. the same as before, by clicking on them. There is a new crosshair to help with target acquisition.
  • Added a global base indicator to your base when you claim one. No more getting lost when you teleport home!
  • Teleports and auto miner upgrades have been removed.
  • Your teleport to mine destination is dependent on tier now, and will always bring you directly to the tier. No more having to buy an upgrade. The button now opens to the left.
  • The mute button has been re-added to the settings menu.
  • Your walkspeed now increases by 2 for every friend you have in the server with you. (VIP server anyone?)
  • The functionality of the Twitter Code system was revamped and now works for mobile players.
  • Progress bar was added to refineries.
  • Gamepasses and shards now send a message to everyone in the server when someone purchases them. Gamepasses send a notification to our communications server. Shards do no longer do this.
  • You can now only have one HUD Menu open at once, forcing your screen to be neat. In addition to that, HUD buttons now display their name when hovered over.
  • Added quest system, alongside the Mole NPC to get started with them.
  • Added quest menu option
  • The map has been given an entire new terrain color palette.
  • Houses have been spruced up, and some more have been added around the map.
  • Added some flowers to celebrate Spring, along with some rocks for more map flavor.
  • Part count has been reduced dramatically, this will help our mobile friends out!
  • You can now click on other players to display info on them.

This update list may not be comprehensive of everything that has changed since the last update posted here.

2/10/2020 - A026
  • Golems now properly distribute ore! One of the problems converting from our old systems was the golem compatibility, and that has been fixed!
  • Players will now start with a default chat tag, so the chat blends nicer with player tags.
  • Ore will now regularly reset in the mines to remove lingering common ores. The interval this occurs is based off how many players are in the server, with more players causing it to occur more frequently.
  • Pickaxe scripts, ore scripts, anvil scripts and ore info display scripts have all seen reworking in this update, with a focus on higher stability. We’ve fine tuned each to provide more stable and hopefully engaging gameplay. As always, keep us updated on any bugs you encounter!
  • Anvil and refinery now have magnitude checks in efforts to deter exploiting and other methods of cheating.
  • We have temporarily removed the mute button until we can properly rework it.
  • Swapping skins, resetting, and generally reloading your character in most cases will result in you remaining in the original position.
  • The intro gui has been temporarily removed, as we feel it doesn’t serve much of a purpose right now.
  • Anvil sounds have once again been fixed and are now client sided.
2/10/2020 - A024
  • Inventory has been redone! The new inventory is based on scrolling frames and includes ores, skins, chat tags and trails.
  • The ore system has been completely redone! Completely new ores alongside a new damage model should be a welcome change for the community. This is the main feature of this update. Hopefully the new ore system will make mining a bit more fun!
  • Chat tags and trails were added to Mining Mission. Check out the shop for our current options!
  • Bases have been visually redesigned to grant more interesting base layouts and a lower part count.
  • Mine supports have been redone to reduce part count.
  • Scripts have been redone to improve execution cycle.
  • UI has once again been shuffled around on the screen. Hopefully this will make the chat box a bit better for mobile users.
  • The map has received a valentine’s day based paint job!
1/26/2020 - A023
  • Cosmetic pickaxes were added to Mining Mission. We’ve been working up to this update for a while, and we are happy to bring it to you guys! Alongside this update comes a skin inventory, a new shop layout alongside the ability to purchase your shards right from the menu.
  • We overhauled our UI approach once again, hopefully to make it easier on the mobile users. Less space taken up by buttons in addition to greater button functionality on mobile should grant a more enjoyable experience. We also moved much of our UI elements around on screen for all platforms.
  • We decided to get rid of the leaderboard. To replace it, an on screen indicator of your cash and shards has been added.
  • The map was overhauled to be a bit brighter.
  • Tier 5’s base has recieved a visual overhaul in addition to a teleport destination. The tier 5 mines have also been spiced up.
  • Golems have been redone to be much more part efficient. They will be recieving proper animation soon.
  • The mole’s animation system should be fixed.

The version number difference between the last entry was because a lot of hotfixes came out fixing bugs or introducing small things not worth noting.

1/10/2020 - A012
  • Tiers now save when you leave. Upon claiming a tycoon, your previous tier will be restored.
  • Datastores have been completely rewritten, allowing for faster execution time and more stable saving.
  • Time tracking should now work, alongside the leaderboard to track it. Times have been reset on datastores to prevent corruption.
  • Tier 4’s visuals have been overhauled, complementing the tier’s mines with a volcanic theme.
  • The NPC mole has been added to the overworld area. He does not currently serve a purpose, but feel free to say hi!
  • Ore nodes in tier 1 have been redone visually. The ores now look more polished, and are more obvious to click on.
  • VIPs now have the ability to toggle their cosmetic pickaxe.
  • You will now recieve a small monetary compensation upon server shutdown by developers.

Much more behind the scenes not worth mentioning, but important nonetheless. Keep us updated on issues you encounter!

1/4/2020 - A010
  • UI Mobile Optimization
    UI elements have been optimized to provide a more refined gameplay experience for mobile users.

  • UI Effects
    We’ve added some additional effects to the UI, giving it a cleaner look.

  • New Pickaxe Animations
    The pickaxe is the first part of the game to see animation improvements. Be on the lookout in the future for more animation refinements.

  • Tier 1 And 2 Redesign
    Tier 1 and 2 base designs have been completely redone, taking note from the mine tier’s theme. We hope this will provide a more visually engaging experience. Later tiers will see modifications to come in future updates!

  • Time Tracking
    Mining Mission now keeps track of how many minutes players spend at the game. This is displayed to the player via the Stats screen.

  • Tier Teleports
    Tier teleports are now in place for the starting tiers at Mining Mission. Buying these upgrades will allow your teleport GUI to whisk you further into the mines. This system will be improved and added to in the future.

  • Leaderboards
    Leaderboards are finally functional in Mining Mission! Currently we have leaderboards to track the highest cash amounts in addition to the highest time played.

  • Sound Design
    We’ve made changes to the sound design of the pickaxes and anvil, reducing their total range but increasing the volume within their range.

Added Mole

1/6/2020 - A011
  • New UI Design
    Mining Mission’s UI design has been completely overhauled in this update. Most UIs have been converted, with the rest to follow shortly. Art direction from this point forward will likely follow the current art style

  • UI Effects
    We’ve added some additional effects to the UI, giving it a cleaner look.

  • Walkspeed Redone
    The walkspeed system has been completely rewritten to hopefully provide more solid system performance and scripting logic.

  • Pickaxe Damage System Redone
    The pickaxe has seen a complete damage rework in this update. Please keep us posted on your opinions of the gameplay flow resulting from this new system.

  • Mute Button
    The mute button has been a requested feature for a while now, and in this update it has finally been added.

  • Friend Walkspeed Boosts
    To promote a more social atmosphere, Mining Mission will now increase your base walkspeed by 2 for every friend in the server with you. A new GUI has been added to track this information.

  • Webhook System Redone
    The Discord webhook system has been redone to provide more information about players, in addition to tracking a few more events such as first time tier advancements and tutorial completion.

  • Tier Badges
    You will now be rewarded with a badge the first time you reach a given tier.

  • Durability Bar
    The durability bar has also been a requested feature for a long time, and we spent a long time making sure it looks as fresh as possible. Enjoy!

  • Tier 3 Improvements
    Tier 3’s base has been redone to complement the aesthetic of the tier’s mine. More base revamps to come!

As always, enjoy the update, and let us know what you think! ~WMG Team

We Make Games On Roblox.com is a startup development team currently working on Mining Mission. This update log will detail major updates to the game that bring new features or overhaul core game mechanics that are worth noting. We hope you enjoy our game, and we look forward to working closely with the community on our current and future projects.

The WMG Team
monochromattic - Technical Director
libernated - Building, UI Design
jack8699 - Scripting, Animating

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