We Ned A New Trust Level

We all know the 4 Trust Levels in the DevForum right? We have the Visitor (if I’m not wrong), the Member, and the Regular, Visitros can only like, flag and bookmark topics, and talk in private messages if I’m
Not wrong, Menbers can post and Crete topics, except for #bug-reports and #feature-requests, and Regulars can do that, then there’s the Leader which only Roblox Staff has.
Now, I know there’s a lot of people on the FevForum that would like to share their suggestions, and bugs, for bugs they can contact @bug-support, but for #feature-requests theres now at to post there, I know this is for having requests like: Stop Hackers or Make Scripting Easier and things like that, but if they would add another Trust Level, between Regulat and Member, it would be great! Something like a Veteran, or Expert, doesn’t matter what they call tem, it needs to be between Regular and Memner, the problem with Regulars is that you can only get the Trust Kevel if you avevo a popular game, if I wanted to ask Roblox to add more shapes as an example, I would have to create a gem, hope it gets populate and post, but this process may take years! Years to post a #feature-requests! That’s insane right! If they would add a Expert level or something like taht, that you need like 10 days of read time and 10 topics read and 150 replies made or something like that it would solve the isssue, no more years to ask for a feature!


This is false, promotions are on hold currently because promotion criteria is a difficult problem to solve at large scales. There is no solution for this yet. Regulars do not need a popular game to be regulars, they merely need to be knowledgeable and competent enough not to post garbage in important categories.


We don’t really need one. The current system works fine, but there’s an improvement coming soon ™️.


Many share your concern and many similar topics to this have been made. Roblox staff have publicly stated that they are working on improving the trust level system/promotion in the near future™️.

PS: I’d recommend going through and editing your post, you have a spelling error in almost every sentence.

Yes sorry, it’s just that I was trying to wriee te fats and on phone so it’s literal hell! And I’m glad that they are improving the Trust System!

The waves of new users who are magically getting regular out of nowhere solely due to either having large onsite numbers or apparently just outright harassing the DET (still can’t believe that harassment is rewarded, but it doesn’t surprise me) and posting the aformentioned garbage in important categories would gladly prove you wrong.
The equally huge chunk of very long term users who are knowledgeable and competent enough yet somehow still aren’t even considered for regular would also gladly prove you wrong.

The only people who have gotten regular past the date of closing up shop have been only huge devs, a miniscule single digit amount of edge case users who somehow managed to get lucky, and that one dude who got it because they thought it was smart to bully the DET (turns out they were right)


I cannot speak to whatever process they’re using for promoting special cases. No matter what you do, special case promotions are going to look unfair to outsiders because outsiders lack context. I personally think some of them are frivolous and unwise, but many of them are also genuinely good and long overdue. Loud and/or lucky people with the right connections are probably disproportionally successful, but most of the time these people are also sufficiently competent. Bad eggs make it look worse than it is because you can rarely tell who was promoted in this manner.


Hey folks, just to be clear, the long-term situation is that trust level distinctions will not matter and that any developer can get their feedback in and have it be taken in consideration.

It’ll take us a while to get there because we need to scale up our ability to address feedback. We’re actively working on this problem this year.

For that reason we will not be able to implement the proposed solution described in the first post. We highly recommend that, when posting in #forum-help:forum-features , that you focus on describing issues rather than proposed solutions.

We won’t be able to implement most proposed solutions because they are either too specific or don’t sufficiently address the problem. If you tell us about the underlying issues instead, we can work to find the best solution for that.

I recommend to support one of the existing posts related to trust level 1 (Member) not having access to posting feedback!