We need a form of polls that only the original poster of a post can answer

whilst on the roblox devforum, when somebody asks a yes or no question the original poster can’t reply with simply yes or no due to the character limit . I propose a new thing similar to polls that only the original poster can answer . When the original poster hasn’t “voted” it will say “awaiting original posters response” or something along those lines . when the original poster has “voted” it will say “original poster says” and the option he picked being highlighted along with the other options staying there.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because it would be easy for original posters to answer yes or no questions

This sounds overcomplicated and not useful at all. Just use likes to acknowledge / say ‘yes’ to posts, or give a more detailed response which surpasses the minimum character requirement.

This also sounds like it would require a lot of work on Roblox’s end to implement. While they’re focusing on real issues such as the replacement for post approval I don’t see the point of them wasting time to let users reply two words to each other when this can be done easily enough as it is.


You should suggest this in the Discourse Meta forum because this is a discourse suggestion and not a devforum one.


If someone is asking a yes or no question on this platform, they should probably be flagged.

If someone is trying to respond “yes” or “no” to a question with no other context or content, then that should definitely be flagged.

This is not a feature that should be introduced - we should not encourage low quality posting.