We need a general questions category

The people posting in incorrect categories is the problem he is trying to solve. Or would you like to continue seeing categories being misused with others posting unrelated topics of said category?

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colbert explains what they meant by that in the same paragraph:

A feature request’s solution is determined by the forum moderators and administrators. What you have to explain and describe is the issue you’re encountering and/or witnessing.


Scripting support does not require a pre-made script in order to post something.

This is why I do not get the OP’s purpose of creating a new category in the first place. It sounds like a getaway category for people who are lazy to research the DevHub and Forum for existing topics and tutorials.

I would highly suggest you to reread the posting guidelines as well.

the devfourm hasn’t but the DevForum has and more improvements are coming in the future:

You can ask scripting questions in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support

The Roblox Developer Forum is a forum for Roblox Development. Its not a place where you can ask for questions on something that has nothing to do with Roblox development. General Roblox Website questions included.

Not that bad of an idea.

Regular Promotions are planned to be resumed in the feature. Stop complaining and whining.

Including Regular Promotions planned to resume in the future:

Yep. There’s a server I know on Guilded that’s specifically for Roblox development. Its the biggest Roblox Development Server on Guilded, and its more active than the official Guilded Server.

Note to the OP @yousefoyoy :PM me if you want the invite link. If anyone else wants a link, PM me as well.

Also, there was once a category in the DevForum called #uncategorized but it got removed for a reason that most of you can most likely guess.

Wouldn’t #help-and-feedback:game-design-support kinda serve a purpose for those kinds of questions. Back when I asked a lot on here and if I didn’t think my question pertained to the other categories and relates to development, I just asked there. Not been flagged there.

How on earth does “Can I devex when [niche situation]”, or “How do I rotate my model from one corner” fit under the umbrella of game design?

Do not intentionally and knowingly misuse categories. If your posts slid by in that category, that was a failing on behalf of moderation here, and is not the intended use of that category.


Oh not those questions, yea absolutely not. The questions I asked were more studio oriented and if it didn’t match the other categories, were asked there. Not the ones brought up by the OP. Those don’t fit anywhere here.

Yes, it has something to do with development. That question asks a question concerning ad-blockers affect on ads, and people who make game want to advertise their games to get players in, might ask if ad-blockers might have a negative impact on their advertising for their game.

I also know the answer to that question. I just did not have a good idea for a question, but surely people will have their own unique questions.

Yes, it does require a pre-made script. In #help-and-feedback:scripting-support you ask questions regarding why does the script does not work, or there is something wrong with the script.

The first thing I do when I have a question, is go search for YouTube tutorials regarding my question, if I do not find my answer to the questions in YouTube, I search for it on the devfourms, if I still don’t get my answer, I will go to devhub, If still, I will just make a topic about it.

I think the “Your topic is similar to…” will limit this, since other people might have already asked their questions, Instead of making a new topic.

Read the topic before talking:

Like @iiSkyWarrior805 said:

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It does not. I’ve read hundreds of posts that do not have a pre-made script because the person is asking how to start because they have no idea. The posting guidelines do not mention anything about “a premade script is required”

Example of a scripting support post with no pre-made script:

  1. What do you want to achieve? I’m trying to create a function that updates player data and respects data rate limits
  2. What is the issue? I’m not sure how to go about this, I’ve watched several youtube videos and read the devhub documentation, but I still do not understand.
  3. What solutions have you tried so far? I’ve looked at this video [insert video link here], and read this devhub article [insert devhub link here], I’m not sure how to implement these.

Any help would be appreciated

Did you even read the category guidelines for scripting support? I don’t see a mention of a requirement anywhere other than being able to answer those 3 questions.

You just have to be very detailed and eager in writing a post if you do not provide any code for others to help you with. It will give a sense that you are truly interested and is not just simply asking for people to spoonfed you code.

Here’s some examples of scripting posts with no pre-made script

All of these will better fit the “questions” category way better than #help-and-feedback:scripting-support

Most of the topics you sent are people who are asking questions about scripting. Not having a problem with their scripts. So it will fit my proposed category way better.

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There is no “better fit”, those posts are already perfectly fine where they are. I’ve helped people in posts like that far too many times and only a handful have ever been taken down.

Creating a new scripting support category will only complicate things.

I have no idea what you’re trying to say. What’s the difference between questions about scripting and having a problem with a script? They’re both related to coding on Roblox.

Alternatively, you could always just suggest having the guidelines of scripting support revised to add in whatever you want to be added.

Doesn’t matter what the topic says. This isn’t the Roblox Forums. This is the Roblox Developer Forums. If you don’t like that, then feel free to leave.

What do you mean it doesn’t matter? If you read the topic properly, you would acknowledge the fact that this proposal is developer-related.

I literally said that here:

omg I never knew

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I read your topic properly. Any suggestions unrelated to development (even to the slightest degree) will not be implemented.

My point to all of this anyway is that your proposed solutions aren’t going to be the solutions to fix the wrongs of the DevForum.

Also, I suggest you read MY first entire reply to understand what I was saying.

If you’re don’t want to read what I said, then I will state it a small portion of it again.

The DevForum once had an #uncategorized section of the DevForum, but it was removed because it didn’t work out.

Roblox had a reason of removing it.

Even if all your points are valid and mine aren’t, the fact that no Roblox employees have replied to this thread implies that they’re not taking this into consideration.

Nobody knows that until the OP’s “proposed solution” happens. You are clearly gatekeeping at this point, what is so frightening about it then?


Nothing really. I just wanted to give my take here. It might have been a bit too harsh, but since this doesn’t follow the rules of Forum Features, then it won’t be implemented.

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I dont want to seem rude, you seem like a nice person, but isn’t it hypocritical to say so when u have a topic that’s exactly that?


There is currently no category to ask about studio itself. This is deperatley needed, and would fall under you studio questions category.

I have an issue and im not sure if it’s a bug or a built-in feature or if im missing something.

Would love a place where I can actually get an answer.

This should be resolved by:

Lots of great responses here that helped inform this decision, thank you all for contributing and for all of your feedback!