We need a general questions category


As a new Roblox developer, I do have a lot of question about Roblox development, advertising and many other developer-related questions. But there is no category where I can have my question answered

My catagory suggestion

The category I think that should be added is the “Questions” Category.

I will also be giving suggestion on what should be there. I also will be giving many reasons on why we should have a new category.

this category should be only developer-based, like something that will have an affect on his development career or
that will make an impact on his game.

First Reason

First, there are no category for questions about Roblox development. You may say that we have

But you cannot ask questions about some stuff.

For example:
How can AD-Blockers affect my ads? (That will get taken down in " #development-discussion " Because it has nothing to do with discussion | It will be taken down in #help-and-feedback because there is no category for it)

and etc… (I don’t have any other ideas, but surely people will have their unique questions.)

Second reason

If the person that desperately needs an answer, he will go post in the incorrect category on purpose just so he can get his answer.

Here is this post for example:

The person here (most likely) purposely posted his question in the wrong topic, probably due to him not having a category where he can post his question in.

This the only one I could find, but there are way more of these.

Third reason

In the #help-and-feedback there are only #help-and-feedback:scripting-support , #help-and-feedback:game-design-support , #help-and-feedback:building-support , #help-and-feedback:art-design-support , #help-and-feedback:education-support , #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback , #help-and-feedback:code-review.

You cannot ask questions on #help-and-feedback instead, you can only create the thing that you don’t know how to make it in the first place. And yes, I know YouTube tutorials and the devhub exist, but sometimes they cant find their answers there, so they are forced to incorrectly use the devfourm to get their answers.

Fourth reason

The devfourm haven’t received a big update in a long time, and I think that adding a new category will spice up the devfourm.

My suggestions on what should be added in this new category.

  1. Website Questions
Examples of a "Website question"

How do I add {example}?
Why isn’t this working in the settings
I cant do this {example}

  1. Scripting Questions
Examples of a "Scripting question

How do make this do this {example}
How to create {example}
I don’t understand how to do this {example}

  1. Studio questions
Examples of a "Studio question"

How do I get the “team folder” {example}
Where do I find {example}
What is the difference between this and this {example}

I ran out of ideas. You can list some in the comments and I will update this post.

Do you think this will be good / Do you agree
  • Yeah, I agree with this
  • No, I disagree with this
  • I’m not sure about this
  • I’m not sure about this, but I like this
  • I’m not sure about this, I dislike this

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yes this should be added but what about another one? call it “Community Discussion”!
what this would do is to allow players to just talk about various different off topic things!

This already exists as the lounge category, but its not accessible to members, only regulars.

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thats the same thing for me lol. Its really unfair that members cant access important categories and that there are trust levels i just wish that they remove em

This category exists, and serves as the same purpose you’re asking for.

Did you even read the topic? I think you should

There is a category called the “Lounge” for users who are Regular (the level after Member). It’s generally a place where all questions that don’t fit anywhere else go. I’m not sure about its future though if it will be reintroduced to everyone with Member and above, or completely removed.

A post with this title will most definitely get taken down since the answer to the question is simple and has been answered many times in the past. There is no more room for discussion and will simply create a dead thread. People with Adblockers do not see Ads and will not interact with Ads. End of discussion.

Perhaps some people might find a “Questions” category useful since there are questions that do not fit anywhere, but people who are lazy to actually think where a topic should go will just pick the “Questions” category and will instead abuse that rather than the others. It does not solve much of the underlying issue and will just create a new issue in the process.

I have no idea what you’re trying to say here.

The forum has gotten a lot of wonderful updates. I’m not sure what you consider to be a “big update”, but I’ve been here long enough to see big changes.

Isn’t that what #help-and-feedback:scripting-support is for? Just mention in your topic that you have no idea where to start, I’m sure people will understand your case better.

Honestly, Discord servers are what thrives when it comes to questions about the website and other questions that don’t fit on the forum. This is a developer forum, not a customer support forum. People come here to learn and share things related to development.

Do you know what an example is? I obviously know the answer to that question, but I could not think of another good example

You cant even become a regular to access the “lounge”. And if they demote you, you will quickly start agreeing with this post.

I said it will remove incorrect categories like the one I mentioned:

The “Question” Will be only developer-based. And people with a brain can know what’s the difference between #help-and-feedback:scripting-support and my suggested “Scripting question”

If a person has a question on how to do or make something that has something to do with scripting, then he will ask there. No the #help-and-feedback:scripting-support is if you need help with your script, not have a question.

Like what? They have not added a new category in a long time.

Oh, I made a typo, thx for noticing it



This would be a great addition to the DevForum and would help solve questions that cannot be placed in any of the categories- or the sub-categories.


If you cannot give good concrete examples to support your suggestion to add a “Questions” category, then this will hardly be considered if it hasn’t already.

Even if I get demoted, there are other places to ask questions like Discord servers as I mentioned.

Remove what incorrect categories? All the current categories are perfectly fine. I was saying that adding a new category for more general and vague questions will create a new issue since people would be most likely to abuse that category.

A lot of people ask scripting questions like “How to make X” or “I don’t understand how to do X” in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support, it does not need another scripting category.

This is quite rude. I’m only giving my opinions based from my experience here on the forum. I have not mentioned anything personal or rude to you.

Adding a new category is not a big update. They recently added
and other categories

And just to mention this again:

@yousefoyoy has clearly stated ‘For example’ here so you provide an invalid argument. He has also stated that we can feel free to provide other example for this. You need to properly read what the individual has stated before making a pointless reply.

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You cannot make a suggestion and expect people to fill the gaps. The example was bad, so I gave it the most appropriate response.

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What does this even mean?? So if an individual cannot think of many examples they should just give up the idea? This highlights my reply and @yousefoyoy stating that we can provide some examples!

Here it is, quoted.

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If I suggest to create an “Off Topic” category for instance, and my proposal was written like this:

A lot of people ask questions that are not related to Roblox like “how to make a local SQL database”
I don’t have any good examples, but I think it would be very beneficial.

It’s hardly interesting and looks crammed with very little effort. In most sincerity, I’m not saying that @yousefoyoy’s suggestion is bad, but if they want the most success or chances in getting DevRel’s attention, then at least make a proposal that’s a bit more believable and has good concrete use-cases/examples.

Otherwise anyone could easily slap this as a response:

Bruh, Discord is the last place I want to be in. If Roblox wants their users to stop using off-site websites, then they should add the thing that will attract them away from discord.

No it is not rude, people can see the difference between #help-and-feedback:scripting-support and my suggested “Scripting questions”

most of these are for regulars only, members get nothing but 1 almost useless category.

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Then perhaps you should clarify what you mean by “Scripting questions” rather than indirectly calling me a person with no brain.

You should mention this in your proposal.

Well I mean Roblox acquired Guilded, and a lot of Roblox development communities are on Discord, they even added a social link for Discord, I doubt they would discourage it. But if you personally do not like Discord servers, then I hope DevRel does something to address your proposal.

You should focus on problems rather than proposed solutions. Your feature request’s basis is “lack of categories for certain questions” which should be what you write it around. Possible ideas should be added as footnotes, not as the bulk of your feature request.

In any case, what do the current categories not offer you that you’re looking to have resolved (why you should write feature requests in terms of problems and not solutions)? There’s Development Discussion for open-ended prompts with other developers and Game Design if you need help with certain design choices and structuring of your experience. If none of the current categories closely fit the scope of your question, you can (and should) take it to another venue such as a developer community Discord.

The Developer Forum is, as is in the name, a forum – content you post here is intended to be significant and build discussion between developers either to resolve an existing issue and share knowledge. It’s not a real-time chat room and quick/short questions are better asked off the forum.

The examples offered, if we retain that as feature request justification, are poor.

  • Ad blockers are not related to development and should be asked on a different venue or you should simply run analytics on your ads (impressions + CTR) and build around that. What you really want to ask is what makes an effective ad (design, scheduling, amount to invest) which then turns it into an appropriate development discussion.

  • If someone is posting in the wrong category, flag it and move on. You don’t need to (and are not allowed to) call out users for improper category use and you certainly shouldn’t spotlight them either. Some developers are young and new and they don’t read, so you can help them and moderation out by using the flag feature. Move on after that.

  • The DevForum should remain resourceful and on-topic with every category having a given function of some kind. “No updates in a while” is moot reasoning to request for an update. This isn’t a place where you come to get “spice”, it’s a place where you come to learn or share your knowledge.

Please think more deeply about what problem you actually want resolved here and why other venues aren’t sufficient enough for you to pursue and then consider editing your feature request around this.


I did not say “you” I said “people”

??? don’t understand

discord has a lot of Child-predators and has no moderation whatsoever it’s not the ideal place for a young dev to start his development career, and it’s dangerous. That’s why I know a lot of parents ban their children from it. I think one of the main reason that roblox acquired Guilded is to move away players from discord.

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I said indirectly, not directly. I will drop this issue, but your tone was most definitely inappropriate for a decent discussion.

Discord is not for Children. The DevForum is not for Children. Both platforms have a minimum age requirement. If a child is on Discord or the forum then there’s definitely something wrong with the parenting. I’m not trying to sound cold, but there’s no accurate way to tell if a user on Discord or the forum is underage. Very little can be done by moderators. If we have enough evidence, then we take appropriate action.

I am a moderator at the unofficial DevForum Community server and the moderation team actively monitors it to the best of our capabilities. I and other willing members help new developers from time to time. If you are in the right age to be on Discord, at least be responsible in choosing a mature and healthy server to be in.

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I’m aware of the topic you posted.

Your suggestions are simply off-topic stuff. This is a DevForum, and should stick to being a Forum which is all about inquiries regarding Developing.

“How can AD-Blockers affect my ads”, for example. That’s not a question regarding developing.

Perhaps you should look for other forums where they reside inquiries regarding “All-about Roblox”

All-in-all, your suggestion will lead to lots of misuse, lots of childish stuff “plz hOW do I gET free DominuS?”, etc…
I wouldn’t want to see a “General Questions” category within this DevForum