We need a way to see someones ROBLOX username

All these name changes are cool and such, but I sometimes have no idea who I’m talking to. :emo-angst:

Could there be a new line of info added underneath someones avatar with their ROBLOX username? Or should everyone set their ROBLOX name (if different from RbxDev username) as their “About me”?

It’s a ROBLOX developer forum after all

No confusion over here! #LameName

Yes! It wouldn’t be too hard to implement as well.

It could be made a casual policy

I had my ROBLOX name in the “about me” before I got my username changed. I do think there should be something displaying our username. A link to our profile would also be nice.

I little icon like the ones for home website and stuff would be cool.

I’m loleris

Hmm, why are our forum names not just our current Roblox username? That would make sense to do… :?

I vote for the casual policy idea. While it is possible to code the forum to pull from ROBLOX, or to display another static field from the profile, we (SECRET ADMIN COUNCIL) don’t really have time to be tweaking these forums. We do have ideas for improvement and can add the idea to our list. However, it would be less critical than a Private PM system here and some other features.

How about if we wrote the code for you and then pretty much just emailed you it for implementing? I’ve used these forums myself a bit in the past.

Also PM system is only a button on the Kunena panel, why not activate it?

As woot3 said, let us do it please :slight_smile: We’re good at this stuff and we can email it to you.

All this does is generate more bias.

DrJonJ here