We need another way to rank up on the DevForum

Ever since post-approval got removed over a year ago, it’s been impossible to level up from member → regular or higher.

This has made it so even very active members on the forum can’t post in areas such as #feature-requests or #bug-reports, which forces us to rely on the rare occasion that a member ranked regular coincidentally posts the feature we’re looking for or a platform bug (like Wednesday’s bypassed username incident).

We need some kind of alternative to rank up, such as being very active and helpful on the forum for a certain amount of time or maybe posting enough topics (that don’t break forum rules of course) that gain enough traction to meet a requirement, along with a fairly clean moderation history to be eligible for ranking up on the DevForum.

Other than that, what are your thoughts on this?


It’s being worked on. There was a post somewhere by a staff member that we’ll get information about it soon.


The problem is that it’s been posted ages ago and we haven’t gotten any signs of a promising update on it.


Regarding leveling up to Member → Regular, I recommend reading this message as it should answer a few of your questions.

Regarding Bug Reporting and submitting Feature Requests; until any sort of new system has been introduced, you can file a bug report via message to @Bug-Support whilst following the format in this topic or via email to Roblox Support.


Hey folks, let’s use one of these two threads to accumulate the feedback: