We Need Bookmark Organization

Ok so, I currently have 280 bookmarks, and it’s really hard to find anything in there, I know I can just look for Development Discussion and I will get everything in Development Discussion, but what if I wanted something like groups, user-made groups, customizable? I know it’s not a priority, but as a Roblox Developer this would make things much easier for me because if I wanted to look for things talking about GUIs, I would have a group, I can look for GUI right, but what if the one were there’s the solution is called How Would I Do This? then looking for GUI would not help me, instead if there were groups I could, because there would be a group, I know it’s not a priority, but having it would make life much easier.
I wanted to be as straight as possible, that’s why this topic is not so long.

–Greetings, Dede_4242–


If you can remember the title or part of the title you could just control+f for the name, but I do agree it could be sorted a little better than it currently is.

A workaround, assuming you don’t use/won’t need the devforum specific bookmarks across multiple devices, would be just using your browsers bookmark feature (I know chrome syncs those across devices too)

Yeah but I

that’s the thing :sweat_smile:

The issue with that is you need to scroll down for all of them to load. They don’t load all at once.

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Thank you for your suggestion!


You’re welcome, there’s no problem :smiley:

Oh and @LuaCow I have a question, you said

But does this mean you are gonna implement it or is it a maybe?

It’s been months that I suggested this but still now updates, have you actually implemented this?