We Need Documentation on Edit Quality Level and Quality Level

Edit Quality Level and Quality Level are two very important aspects of Roblox. It can make developing and playing games faster while reducing game quality overall.

Thing is, we have close to no documentation on what each level does.

The Developer Hub has this fantastic table on Quality Level. It’s really useful, trust me.

And these two short blurbs.



But what does each level effect in particular? At which point does water become opaque? What is the effect of quality level with terrain render distance? We don’t have the foggiest idea.

Please, add documentation on Edit Quality Level and Quality Level.


It’s also not clear what the options on the quality slider in the in-game Roblox menu refer to what QualityLevel values. For example, is quality 8 Level16 or Level18, or is it something else?

The in-game escape menu quality level is UserGameSettings.SavedQualityLevel. This one contains proper related enums from QualityLevel1 to QualityLevel10 (and Automatic mode).

I believe that (Edit)QualityLevel is only relevant to Studio editing mode and play solo/client simulation, though frankly I have no idea lol. The documentation is definitely vague about what they’re for.


Thanks for reporting this. It’s now been logged, and we’ll look into it in due time!


Its almost been a year since this post was made and there is still a lack of relevant documentation. Any update?


Thats 100% true, and what I’m scared of is if they actually do update it are they going to put out what each Quality level really does or are they gonna take the easy way out and do what they did with studio-quality levels and just set the description as something we already know “Graphic quality level 2” :confused:

Strange, I thought graphic level 2 was supposed to set it to the max quality? Thanks for the totally useful description.