We need more customisation on the ribbon

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to fully utilise the ribbon bar with plugins, since we only get the ability to create buttons.

if we compare this to native ribbon features, such as the draggers, there are multiple features we cant utilise, including but not limited to

  • Text boxes in the ribbon (used for dragger snapping)
  • Dropdowns (used for the older Material and Color selectors)
  • Combo Boxes, also used in the dragger

If we wanted to provide basic plugin features that could easily be implemented into a toolbar, such as checkboxes controlling features, numeric configs, or a dropdown selection, I have to make a new Gui object that covers the main viewport or exists in a DockWidget which isn’t needed for a few basic configs.

The plugin ribbon also has a problem of congestion when you have too many plugins enabled at once, this happens for a few reasons such as limited customisation, as mentioned above, and not being able to drag plugin toolbars into their own ribbon section (but thats for a seperate request).

If Roblox was to address this issue, it would improve my development experience since I wouldn’t need to create full Gui objects to create basic functionality in my plugin that can just exist as part of the toolbar.


/RobloxStudioRibbon.xml is a pretty funny file that shows most (if not all) that the Qt ribbon is technically capable of

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This is something that is technically already implemented (for plugin buttons) however it is only used when a plugin exceeds the size that the ribbon bar can hold, which is something that a plugin dev cannot reliably control, why can’t we just get an API for this already?