We need to be able to ping mods!

As the tite suggests in my opinion, I think that we need to be able to ping mods. And I dont mean by username but as a collective group like something like @ + mods or something like that. This would make devforum moderation much eiser and would greatly help out with what is going on right now.

As of right now you can only flag posts and while that does something, I just dont feel like it can get the attention quick enough especialy with the extream gore being posted right now and the e excessive spamming of the dev forum.

Flagging is literally the same thing as pinging moderators. It goes into an inbox visible in the top right of the website, just like a ping would.


It does? I thaught it got added to a list but obviously I was wrong.

Dude, they all have lives, you can’t force them to sit at desk 24/7

To ping mods, you flag a post as “Something Else” and give a reason for the flag/ping - Regularly reporting a post (off topic, spam, inappropriate) is a placebo/doesn’t actually do anything.

Also, even then, the mods need to actually bother to open the devforum, and then bother to read reports, and then bother to take action on said report, which is extremely questionable at best and mostly just a case of being lucky/hoping you get one of the good moderators.

A run down of the events that happened

The dude earlier got simply given a singular feedback from one moderator (not naming names cause everyone knows that moderator doesn’t do their job) despite having spammed gore for a few hours, then took an hour for them to get an apparent permaban/suspension from the forum (which didn’t even do anything, because they posted their ban message, said apparent ban message being sent from the first mod from earlier) and it took another 1-2 hours for the oh so urgent “Something Else” flags to be read by another moderator (who, surprise surprise, is known for being one of the only people who actually does their job) and finally get them permabanned/suspended properly

So, long story short, the only way to report a post is via “Something Else”, and then you have to wait an unknown amount of time which can be literal hours for it to be read, and even then you have to pray the moderator who handles that report is one that bothers to read it and take action on the post.


You are able to ping mods. its @/moderators.

It shows up as an icon in the menu button and moderators can see reports from there, which is effectively equivalent to pinging, although it takes a few more button presses

I don’t think it actually pings mods though

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Yeah, most times when I report people, mods don’t do anything.

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It does actually. Some have tried it before and it’s worked.

Correlation is not causation. The topic was flagged which got their attention anyway.

Yes. I’m not taking about the topic. I’m just saying that pinging the mods works. :man_shrugging:

Flagging is still a better alternative

Not sure if you read that properly. Pinging the mods does not work. They did not come to the thread because they were pinged. They came because someone else used the flag feature like they were meant to.

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