We should be able to invite users to group-owned Team Create places

With user-owned Team Create places, we can invite specific users to join us:

With group-owned Team Create places, we can’t:

Someone was having issues getting one of their scripts to work, so I told them to invite me to Team Create and I’d check it out. Since it was a group place, I would have had to join the group to join Team Create (which I don’t have enough group space for), so we ended up creating a copy of the place on his account.

We should be able to invite individual users in Team Create, but only people with place edit permissions per their group role should be able to invite others.


I disagree with the permissions.

As a group owner I add people to the edit permissions role to give them the power to edit places. This does not mean I want them to be able to invite others.


Yeah, it’d be great to be able to specify who could invite. Groups need a whole lot more support when it comes to edit privileges in general, because right now we can’t:

  • Selectively allow access to specific places per user, so they get access to all of our places
  • Only give revenue from the places they work on
  • Allow them to publish (may only want them to have read permission so they can make changes and then have them manually approved)

among other things.


I ran into this again. I have a group-owned game I wanted someone to take a look at, but they’re not a developer for the group. I’m the group owner, but was unable to invite my friend to the Team Create session because it’s a group-owned game.

Only the group owner should be able to invite others until we have a more robust permission system for groups.