We Should Be Able To See Our Consecutive Days (Low Priprity) Very Bad Idea, Don’t Consider

Currently there’s a few Badegs that require you to be on the DevForum for Consecutive Days, but currently there ain’t any way of doing that, you can only see the Total Days, so if you can please add this feature

Edit: You made me figure out it’s a bad idea, thanks!

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The main thing here is that: badges don’t matter. The forum isn’t a badge race.

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I know but still, if I get a Strike for example and I want to see if my streak was stopped how could I know?

I highly disagree with this feature. This should not really be added.

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Why? Please explain, you can’t just say this, how could people know then?

I also strongly disagree with this feature being added. I agree with @2jammers

You shouldn’t be treating the DevForum like a game where the goal is to get high stats and the most badges.

Treat the DevForum like a place where Roblox devs can get help each other and stay informed of all updates. Nothing more.

If you’re logging into the forum everyday just to earn a badge, that’s a huge face palm.

I’m not doing that

That’s what I do

I don’t log in only for that

Then why propose a feature that literally no one needs for the purpose? If you’re getting strikes and concerned about losing your login streak then that’s also a huge face palm.

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Also just want to add that: Yes, people love the dopamine from getting badges, but is the habit really that bad?

That was just an example, why does everybody take it so seriously?
This could still be helpful, as this way you could see if someone was very active on the DevForum recently, and also eliminate accounts that aren’t active from a lot of time (like 10 years)


We take it seriously because this is a professional forum (well it should be, no one treats it that way sadly)

What would we need this use case for? You keep proposing different use cases and don’t even tell people why they are useful.

There’s no point in removing old accounts from the forum; it’s just a major loss of history and doesn’t free up space.

I meant waaaaaaay too seriously

Imagine if I messaged a person that I need help from but they aren’t active from 2 years

Just look at the last time they replied to post. That’s reliable enough to tell if they’re active on the DevForum.

From what I know you aren’t able to do that, only if their reply was one of the 5 most liked ones

You are able to in the user’s activity tab.

I can see your latest replies in your activity tab:

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Badges should NOT be the only reason why you continue to use the Forum

This isn’t meant for some people opinions, you have to consider EVERYONE that’s on here as a Developer Community & request features that’ll improve the overall forum experience, rather than distracting users away with some random cosmetics from their main reason why to continue contributing on the DevForum

Sure, badges give you encouragement to keep contributing & provide great examples to others as an individual Member that knows well enough experience on the Forum; but you shouldn’t abuse that to the point where the only thing you namely focus & prioritize on are those kinds of features which are not that important, it’s not considered good forum usage either

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Why does everyone think I use the DevForum only for this? I never said this, I actually use the DevForum fri what it’s meant to, help other Developers and find answers for questions

Looking through the short description, it seems that you would like to have an option that provides the consecutive days you have been entering Developer Forum to get 2 badges, one being for 100 days and another for 365 days.

Genuinely, I believe that it isn’t necessary to have it as it is not a big deal and does not do a such critical impact that requires to be featured immediately, no. Besides, you can just analyze how many days you have been logging in on the forum by just noting and/or simply keep in mind consistently. However, if you or others are looking forward to those (sample, not confirming) that would like to achieve them and flex, that is not the ideal of using this website whatsoever, and yes to keep up with the news of what is happening at our Roblox platform and assist developers with their problems anytime.

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