Wealth Empire - Would you play it?

Hi! I’m sepro1144, founder and owner of UNexus Studios. Our new team is working on a game called Wealth Empire. The idea of the game is to start with one dollar, and buy and sell items to become the richest player you possibly can. Once you earn a certain amount of money, you can start a business. You use your money and your businesses profits to help grow your business from the ground up. You can hire and fire workers, and the process of owning the business will become more realistic as we continuously update the game. Wealth Empire will merge a buy-and-sell simulator with a tycoon-like business platform to create a new, unique game on roblox. Will you play it?

  • I can’t wait to play it!
  • It depends on the quality
  • I will play it if it’s updated frequently
  • No, I won’t play it
  • No, the idea sounds boring

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Shouldn’t you not vote on your poll to get the best results lmao? Also are you hiring devs for the project?

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I like the concept but I feel as though this would be rather difficult to pull off without lots of experience or a large dev team. And this game concept under the right circumstances sounds promising, however, you’ll have to get the execution right to make it a successful game but in general, pretty good idea.

Your ability to pull this off is arguably more important than your actual idea, and it’s very hard to judge how much I’d enjoy playing your game based off of a reasonably vague description. Establish some solid game mechanics, and judge the target market for the game and who your ideal player is—that’s the demographic you’re designing the game for, not the broad scope of ‘everyone on the devforim’ or ‘everyone on Roblox’. The tycoon genre is already extremely established, so that’s a good indicator your game has potential, the ‘trading’ part seems more vague.

Your post seems more like advertising in its effect than a practical judgement of whether your game is viable, because of course everyone is going to vote “it depends.”

Apologies for the unsolicited advice. This was not intended as criticism, but I wanted to share my ideas about the game design process


I shouldn’t have, you are correct. I just realized AFTER I made it that you couldn’t see the results until after you voted. Idk how to change that, so I’m just excluding myself from it.


I have a small dev group with both Scripters and UI designers that have already gotten stuff done and are very experienced. I feel that this game is going to work out greatly with the team we have


The game concept isn’t new nor is it unique.

I’d recommend 10-16
(17+ is an entirely different market that Roblox struggles to reach as this platform is primarily dominated by games intended for children rather than all ages), they’re the easiest targets for manipulative freemium games.

Marketing advice:
  • Create a colorful world
  • UI should resemble a cartoony feel, I recommend taking inspiration from your competitors.
    I highly recommend choosing a theme as it’s easier to market, it could be simple as “Roblox’s toy factory”.
  • Don’t do anything complex, if you’re going to include jobs make it simplistic and repetitive.
  • Provide enough content to continue the grind, prep your team to provide content on a weekly basis.
  • If your programmer isn’t able to finish a demo within 6 months than they’ll be liability long term. fixing bugs, releasing new content isn’t optional if you want to enhance your chances of success.
    You’ll have to dedicate at least 50% of your time to this project and your team will have to give you 80% of their valuable time.
    If the team doesn’t remain productive 80% of the time than the project will be delayed or abandoned.

That’s a huge range, and there’s a big difference between 10 year olds and 20 year olds. That’s not really much of a “target audience” to go off of.