Weapon Kit - Levels Update

Use code TEAMPLAYER for 100 Gold!
Thanks to all those that helped test the update! :clap:

-Added Levels and Prestige
-Added Game Modes: TDM, FFA
-Added Maps: Sandstorm, Corridors and Neighborhood
-Added Primary: Assault Rifle, AWP, Paratrooper
-Added Secondary: C96
-Added Melee: Spiked Club, Katana, Bone Scythe
-Added Equipment: Dynamite
-Added Ragdolls, can be disabled in settings

-All Weapons do environment damage now
-Weapons are automatically unlocked when reaching their level, or they can be unlocked early by paying Gold / Dollas
-Dollas are now awarded on round end, instead of on KO
-Skins can now be bought directly with Gold or Dollas in the Weapon Customize Menu
-Duplicate skins have been refunded

-Improved Spawn System
-Better Daily Gifts
-VIP Pass owners get x1.5 XP

-Removed Crates
-Christmas Crate items can no longer be obtained

-UI Changes