[Weapon System] Problem setting weapon Position/Animation

Hi everyone.
I have a problem with the weapon system, when you reload, the magazine goes to your hand, this is animated by a Motor6d. It was working fine in the Tool, but for reasons I needed to take the folder out of the player and put the weapon in the workspace.
Here is what should be:

But it’s just teleporting to the final position.

Script creating the Motor6D

local Mag = Instance.new("Motor6D")
	Mag.Name = "Mag"
	Mag.Parent = Tool_Model.Handle
	Mag.Part0 = Tool_Model.Handle
	Mag.C0 = W_Data.CFrame_Positions.Mag.C0
	Mag.C1 = W_Data.CFrame_Positions.Mag.C1

Module with Positions

Mag = {
			C0 = CFrame.new(-0.544433594, -0.262207031, -0.580078125, -1, -9.9816802e-14, 1.42108547e-14,
				9.9816802e-14, 1, 1.42367468e-14, 1.42108547e-14, -1.42367468e-14, -1),
			C1 = CFrame.new()

I use the same positions to create the mag, and works fine. The mag isnt going to the player hand, just teleporting to where the initial mag is.

Scripiting Reloading

R_Events.Reload.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(Player, Data)
	if  is_registred(Player, Data) then
		local Weapon = is_Equipped(Player, Data)
		if Weapon then
			local W_Data = require(Data.Tool.config)
			if not is_Equipped(Player, Data) then return end
			Weapon.MainMag.Transparency = 1
			local New = Weapon.MainMag:Clone()
			New.Transparency = 0
			New.Parent = Weapon
			New.Name = "FallMag"
			game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(New, 4)
 			if not is_Equipped(Player, Data) then return end
			local Mag  = Weapon.MainMag:Clone()
			Mag.Parent = Weapon
			Mag.Name = "Mag"
 			Weapon.Handle.Mag.Part1 = Mag
			Weapon.Handle.Mag.Part0 = Weapon.Handle
 			Weapon.Handle.Mag.Enabled = true
			Mag.Transparency = 0

There are no errors or anyting, it’s just not going to players hand, but it’s going to final position. The animation is going ok, but motor6d is not “getting animated”