wearFIGS Guidelines & Information

FIGS Handbook & Guidelines

About wearFIGS
Why wear scrubs when you can #wearFIGS?

FIGS is transforming healthcare experience by creating innovative, comfortable, and supremely functional medical apparel for modern medical professionals. Every set of our scrubs has an appealing design with mandatory comfort.

Custom Orders
  • Due to ROBLOX’s new update and FIGS being charged to upload scrubs, we were forced to increase prices. We will be adding different discounts throughout the year to make scrubs more affordable to our community members.
  • Pricing: 19 ROBUX per top/bottom, all accessories are free

Notice: At this moment FIGS isn’t looking for partners. Select institutions are being looked at.

  • FIGS partners receive discount codes to award employees in general or those who aren’t fortunate enough to purchase a custom set of scrubs.
  • The FIGS executive team has the right to issue an executive order to disband a partnership for any reason deemed necessary.
  • Partners must maintain a decent reputation to ensure that the values FIGS was founded upon are maintained.
Ambassador Program
  • Your essential role is to try your best to represent FIGS in any medical-related institution you’re employed at! The executive team here at FIGS appreciates everyone’s advocacy of our group!

wearFIGS Ambassador Program

Executive Position(s)

Chief Executive Officer:

  • manages monthly ambassador reforms & applicants
  • assigns or performs daily server and group announcements
  • ensures executive team and assistants are properly fulfilling their duties

Chief Operations Officer:

  • promotes daily server activity
  • bumps group wall
  • promotes homestore activity
  • interacts with ambassadors
  • maintains trello organization ➜ ensures trello tasks are being fulfilled & cleared

Chief Relations Officer:

  • manages minor and major allies (with exceptions)
  • forms and maintains relationships with allies
  • proposes programs or other ideas to benefit allies as well as FIGS
  • ensures all members with open tickets have joined the group
  • proposes and hosts FIGS events with allies

Executive Assistant(s):

  • posts daily server and group announcements that are assigned
  • fulfills trello assignments
  • primary members processing tickets

Universal Duties:

  • assist in maintaining server activity
  • proposing creative ideas to help FIGS excel
  • process tickets
  • handle customer inquires
Processing Tickets
  • Always ensure to welcome members who create a ticket and send them a link to the group if they aren’t already a member. If the user is using a discount code from a partner, please ensure to check with the Chief Relations Officer+ for verification before processing these tickets.
  • Most members know what kinds of scrubs are offered, however, if they’re ensure, walk the user through the group store to show some of the different scrub styles offered.
  • Most customs require embroideries. Please ensure that the names aren’t too long or they’ll have to be shortened.
  • When everything the customer wants is completed, type everything into bullet points and tag the design staff role. Inform the customer that the ticket will be completed within 7 days and that the time of completion depends on the demand for customs at that time.