Web Chat Format Messed Up

So, for the past week or so the web chat has been acting weird. I thought it might just be temporary due to network or something but since it’s still happening I see it’s time to make this report. Alrighty, so here’s a pic of what I see as the normal chat in this bugged version:
And no, I am not purposefully cutting off the bottom of the chat, that is how it is normally showing up as shown by these next pics:

This is happening all the time and you can also see that the close button only shows when the chat is collapsed. Additionally, I am unable to leave group chats since the settings button isn’t showing up in either position.

This is happening on Chrome version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit)

Appears that I just had to update Chrome which I thought of doing after I had posted. However, I’ll just leave this here as a reverence in case anyone else was having this problem :slight_smile:

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