Web Developers, how do you post images?

Hello Developers, I made a simple portfolio website a while back, and I was wondering how to post my work. I currently have a “Gallery” tab that redirects you directly to my dribble.

The Question:
I know I can do <img src='example.png' alt='example' height='100'/> or <div class='image1></div> but this can be very tedious to align correctly. So I was wondering how you upload images to your portfolio, do you use a third-party image thing? Or do you manually upload an image, size it, and align it?

Sorry if my terminology is off, it’s late, I’m tired, and I’m new to web development.

This seems to be the root of your problem. Why are you finding it tedious to align images? It shouldn’t be. What are you trying to accomplish?


As said above, your issues seems to be aligning objects correctly. I would personally use flexbox or CSS’ built-in grid system.

If you choose flexbox, there’s tons of libraries to make it easier for you (e.g: Bootstrap, Flexbox Grid, etc.) or you can just style it yourself.
I haven’t personally used CSS’ grid system so I’m not entirely sure how that’d work, but I’m pretty sure it’d fit your usecase.


I personally don’t recommend flexbox as grid gives you a better outcome. I understand that there could be cases where flexbox is useful, but I wouldn’t use flexbox for images, for me grid has a better outcome, and I never have issues with it. I have had issues with flexbox so it might just be me but, I think grid is better overall.

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I’m trying to accomplish something of this nature; I never knew CSS had a built-in grid system lol.

I’d recommend the first way because it is mostly referred to and better for beginners.