Web shooter developement, issues

sup. Recently rewatched SM movies and got inspired by TASM scenes to make a web shooter in roblox.
It got a progress but of course, main problem is web itself.

For web im using SpringContraint to make it realistic and because spring do remind a lot of web.
But then I met many problems, which are physics, god… what can be worse?

If you are good in roblox engine, and physics, you probably know how SpringConstraint acts, and well my main issue is: Damping and Stiffness

If you ever watched TASM, you could see the last crane scene (image below) and web swing scenes.
you probably could see next:

The crane scene where he shot 2 webs, walked back and then got pulled, this is web strength, in our case its stiffness, but the swing scenes are easier, web gets shot farther and then you swing, which is low stiffness and damping.


Basically what I need to do is calculating form for Stiffness and Damping, which are: closer you are to webs - higher stiffness and less elastic they’ll be, but more far web will be - more elastic and less stiffness will be.

I tried using ChatGPT but even he didnt manage to give me right formulas.
So yeah I need help from physics masters I guess

Maybe it also requires MaxForce, FreeLength but im not sure so MaxForce is right now stands for inf and freelength 0

And to mention, I made small calculations but they are shit and doesn’t even look like a SM WS


ChatGPT is ancient, and not good for code.
Google Bard is newer, but still not great, you can try it though.
Github Copilot, or Amazon CodeWhisper are both good options.