Webhook Developing Problem

Hey developers! In the future, I want to be hired to develop working roblox webhooks on people’s games, but I have run into an issue while practicing. I wanted to make a feedback webhook that notifies me whenever someone sent something (I know there are free models out there, but I want to learn myself how to do it). The problem was that the submit button isn’t working. I narrowed it down to here by using print commands. If anyone has any ideas or solutions, please reply. Thanks!

The print commands that aren’t working is 2 - 4

  1. are there any errors?

  2. if it’s a discord webhook you will need to use a proxy which u can do by just editing ur link slightly:


to this


There are no errors and I am using the Hyra Proxy

try using MouseButton1Click

i think i know what might be the problem

your script is a serverscript and you can’t detect the button press from here, for guis it should always be a local script and preferably placed inside the gui or in starterplayerscripts

you should then use a remote event for sending the webhook as you can only send HTTP requests from the server

Can you explain to me what remote events are? I’m not familiar with those. You could also link a page that talks about it.

I tried that.

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