WebHook HTTP 403 (Forbidden)

I have some script that wont work. Now what this script does: basically sends some data to discord about players joining and leaving game and when. Now I’m pretty sure there is no issue with the script itself since I checked it and it used to work before just fine. But now, it just throws a HTTP 403 error in the console and doesn’t work.

Here is a part of it, the other half is same but for leaving.

local http = game:GetService("HttpService")

local Webhook = "discord link" -- cant show it

	if not game:GetService("RunService"):IsStudio() then
		local date = os.date("!*t")
		local Data = {
			["content"] = "`"..player.Name.." has joined Area Echo on "..date.month.."/"..date.day.."/"..date.year.." "..date.hour..":"..date.min.."GMT, Servertime: "..tostring(workspace.DistributedGameTime).."`"
		Data = http:JSONEncode(Data)
		http:PostAsync(Webhook, Data)



Anyone know how to fix?

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discord shutdown roblox webhooks, discord wehooks no longer work

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aw man thats just sad but thanks!

It’s actually the other way around: Roblox has blocked Discord webhooks.
I believe discordapp.com/api/v9 still works, though. Don’t rely on that.

You should set up a proxy.

It’s not the other way around. Roblox staff have already stated that Discord is blocking requests from the Roblox/Linux UserAgent

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Hmm. I assumed that it was Roblox since I saw someone talking about how their old domain worked.