Webhooks (Discord)

Hello there devforum! Today I’m making this post to find some solutions regarding discord webhooks.

What is the best way to use them on Roblox? As I know Discord blocks HTTPs requests coming form Roblox, but I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of way around this and I’m making this post in order to gain some insight on what are the alternative options for using them.

Summary: How to use Discord Webhooks in Roblox?

You can create and host a server which acts as a middleman between Roblox and discord. This can then receive your POST requests which take the action and just pass it onto discord, and vice versa if needed.

Do you know the best way to accomplish this? Like is there any tutorials/softwares that you know of?

You’ll need a good understanding of JavaScript or Python for making the servers and listening for or sending HTTP requests.

What @Benified4Life called servers that act as a middleman is a proxy which forwards requests to the target endpoint for you. Proxies are useful in cases where requests are not accepted directly from you. In this case discord considers you roblox and so blocks you. Discord blocks the roblox user agent which can’t be changed in roblox and so proxies come in. You should note that proxies are not the best way to forward requests when handling sensitive data but also that requests from roblox to discord are blocked because discord does not allow webhooks to be used as loggers, meaning that you can’t use them for the purpose of log actions/events that happen in your game. You can easily search up a proxy here on the forum. The most used ones are hyra and roproxy

I already know both languages pretty well, I’m just looking for possible softwares to make this in & any sample code so I know where to start

For JavaScript, use express.js with node.js. I’m not sure about Python. I think it’s Flask.

Hey, PM me, I have a easy site that you can use but private usage only!

Here’s a public proxy that I use quite often:

Simply replace the https://discord.com/ in your webhooks and you’re good to go.

woah, ok thank you for this (character limit thing)

just tried it, works really well and easy to use. Thank you once again, this really helped out.