Webhooks not working anymore all of a sudden?

I have a game and everytime a player gets banned / unbanned / joins a server a webhook gets sent to a discord channel.
It’s been working fine so far but all of a sudden all of my webhooks just stopped working for no reason.
I did not change any code so I don’t feel its necessary to show anything unless requested.
Also it’s not a “too many requests” issue. I have a queue system in place which works fine.

Why is this and what can I do to fix it?


May want to look at this for the time being


Discord doesn’t allow webhook requests in Roblox anymore. You’ll have to use a proxy.


Is still agaisnt Discord ToS which can let u get into trouble

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May have to move everything to trello I suppose.
Does trello tos discourage any type of logging? I log bans, unbans, purchases, joins
I have a queue to respect rate limits too only issue is that trello rate limit is very short so it will take time for logs to come through sometimes.

What about a discord bot rather than a webhook as a workaround? Would that work and is it against any tos?

I’ve resorted to using guilded for logs instead. Discord is too explosive when it comes to roblox webhooks and this isn’t the first time they’ve banned roblox webhooks out of the blue. Screwed over a lot of devs / games that relied on webhooks. Too dangerous and a waste of time to continue with discord.

Hey, none of these are my words they are all @colbert2677.

Trello’s intent is only for basic kanbanning and personal planning. Trello would be an even worse option for logging and databases because it’s not designed to support those use cases in any sense of the words and it does not scale like a database does, be it speed or anything else.

Trello has a help article on troubleshooting slow boards which advises having fewer than 1000 cards assuming you’re only using the bare minimum features of a card. If you’re planning to work on an experience at scale supporting moderation features like this, you do not want to deal with how slow Trello can get, let alone the lack of features it has to support database use cases.

Additionally, from what I last recall, Trello silently implemented a special rate limit against the Roblox UserAgent which imposes a 90% lower allowed calling limit per interval. This information I know to be to date as of December 2020 when I was working as the lead developer for a 250K+ member group which abused Trello for a lot of its web features (applications, user-written library, special ranks, etc).

Like I said in my post, my suggestion would be to search for proper services to serve your use cases and see if the free plans suit your needs or if you can build and host your own database. There are a lot of services with free plans that you can fit into, or if you need storage then it’s fairly cheap. For example, see Cloud Firestore pricing and look at the free quota as well. It could be possible not to exhaust the quota for a small experience provided your Lua-side does some heavy lifting so as not to query frequently and you’ll probably be netting enough to pay for additional uses for a large experience with major traffic and revenue flow.


I don’t know what makes you think Guilded won’t settle for the same if more developers start moving their webhooks over to Guilded and its services start getting abused. Don’t put the blame on a third party application for your own misuse of their services.

Real time chat applications and organisation software are not alternatives for database software by function, design or otherwise. Discord became “explosive” against Roblox because its developers have had a real penchant for misusing the service and some resource developers have also not had proper abuse and error safeguards in place.

Discord and applications like Discord may seem like easy and lazy solutions towards creating notifications and logs but that has never been the intended use of their service. To be ignorant of that fact, or to lay those applications out when they are simply enforcing their own terms for using the service and the API, is misdirected indignation.

As for your other proposed workarounds, those are no good either. Trello is not a database (see post above or look at the actual post) and Discord proxy servers can also be banned from using the service if found in violation of their usage terms.