Website popover dropdown menu options don't work on iPad Air 2

On iPad Air 2, tapping on the three dots on a user’s profile to open the actions menu and then tapping on menu options does nothing in app and on You can’t follow players, block players, open players’ inventory, or open settings.

It looks like this dropdown menu component doesn’t let me select any of the options.

image image

This happens every time. To reproduce:

  1. Go on a user’s profile
  2. Tap on the three dots
  3. Tap inventory
  4. The menu closes and nothing happens

This happens on (Google Chrome app and Safari) and the Roblox iOS app.
I can only reproduce this on my iPad Air 2.
Enabling desktop mode does not fix it.

This started happening about a week ago.

iOS 13.1.2
Roblox app version 2.404.346082
Google chrome 78.0.3904.59 beta
iPad Air 2

I have tried on an iPad Air (gen 1) running iOS 12.4 and it worked as expected