Website Redesign

As a Roblox developer and player, it is currently hard to navigate the website because of how cluttered it is, and due to there not being any fluent design language.

Comparing the website to roblox studio(which looks amazing) the website seems very random and not pleasant to look at because of how there are many styles used throughout, and some areas feeling unfinished.

I annotated the website with some areas which i feel could improve.

Here’s a concept of the website that ive made, its not perfect but is essentially what i envision a redesigned roblox website home screen to look like.


Not exactly the title for this but a redesigned website would first make the platform feel more professional, secondly it would allow simpler navigation, as now its very hard to navigate the website, and the company will benefit due to older/more users. There are obviously many more benefits but i cant list them all.


They could have one design team (i don’t know how this stuff works, sorry if what i wrote sounds rude, it was not intentional lol)work on the project of redesigning the website, and follow the roblox studio design theme im guessing? haha, anyway thank you for reading and i do really hope that we will see a redesigned website some time.


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