Website Refresh?


There is a big difference between the quality of the website, and roblox studio, and its honestly not doing any good as the users who first join will see the website, which gives them a bad impression.

The website right now, feels very stitched together with elements of it not matching at all, which is a bit disappointing as the website is something we use everytime we want to join a game or essentially do anything on roblox.

A website refresh would be amazing and so would a design style which would be followed throughout the roblox apps.


Here you can clearly see how clean and unified roblox studio looks, compared to the website which seems to have no clear design direction.

Recently roblox has also changed their icons, to a 3d gradient icon, and that once again does not match the roblox studio icon at all.


Overall, ive created this post hoping to get attention from some roblox staff and possibly get them to redesign the website following the roblox studio design theme, this would not only make the website look better but it will also help roblox move away from being a “trash online game” and would cause people take it more seriously.

Thank you.


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