Website requests to Roblox

So… I have sort of an interesting topic/question. I’m not sure how to do this at all but I’d love to learn as I think it’d be a cool development feature and learning progress! I think even users who have never touched httpservice, etc… could also tag along and learn with this as well.

I’m not looking for a direct solution (as I’m sure it’d be far to advanced) just a general idea on how to do something like this! So… lets get in to it

  • User logs in to control panel
  • User then can see all players on the game they linked
  • User can click on a user and then message them (IN GAME), ban, kick, etc…
  • User can also send global messages, shutdown, etc…

I’ve seen this done before with private administration commands such as CB:RS.

Here is a poorly made image

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All servers report information about their players / stats to your external service once every so often (like once a minute). This allows you to build a web interface that displays all of your running servers + players and information about those players/servers.

For the commands, you can simply have a queue of commands that still need to be executed, and every time you hit one of those kick/ban/etc buttons on a player, a task is added to that queue on your web service. The Roblox servers will get back a list of commands to execute every time they submit their stats as the response of their message. Then you have some logic running on these servers to actually execute the commands, whatever that may be (kick/ban/etc).

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So if I displayed the players and then clicked “ban” on one of them, how would I go about actually sending this data to roblox.

You can’t send data to Roblox servers, you need to poll for that data from the game servers.

So I would need to have (lets say a blank webpage) and then I could update the values of that webpage and if the roblox server see’s a change then it’ll execute based off what my blank page is saying…



GlobalMessage "Hello how is everyone doing today!"


while wait(6o) do
   -- then we can check if the blank webpage's first arguement is GlobalMessage (and then do stuff)

You would implement an endpoint on your web service that takes the ID of the server instance and returns the commands that the server should execute. Probably not based on the text on a web page, but rather some json response that contains the data in a more structured form.

My goodness, this is all so much to take in. So I could make a json Table and then decode it on the server to look for new requests?