Website sometimes gives 502 error

It just happened within a hour ago. I’ve been getting a 502 error and/or take unusually long to load.

I was on my iPhone 8+ and this error shows up after a unusually long loading. Here’s a screenshot:

Reproduction steps:
Just go anywhere in the DevForum, it might give you the error.

This was posted a couple days ago, however it was said that it was resolved. I’m still getting it tho.

I apologize if there is a ongoing topic that’s over this. I didn’t see any, but please let me know if this is a duplicate.


The same thing happened to me when I was trying to look at my messages in my DevForum settings.


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I can confirm that devforum is getting slow/crash after recent maintenance.



That has happened to me yesterday. However, I haven’t experienced it today.

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It happened to me quite a few times both yesterday and today. I assume it’s a problem on discourse.

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Discourse? I’ve heard of this word before, however I don’t know what it means. Can you please tell me what Discourse is?

Discourse is the platform that runs the devforum

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We’re all Experiencing this Issue, Roblox Developer Forum makes somethings like Test, Small Updates, Betas and Etc. That’s why we Experience all those Problems right now.


Yes I understand what you’re saying but having a post on this would let other people know about the bug, and potentially let it be recognized by the Roblox staff so it can be resolved (even though it was thought to be resolved but apparently it still isn’t so I’ve made a new one so they can know). I’m not against what your saying and I completely agree.

Probably Roblox Staff knows about that even the Software Enginners, According to my Information they’re fixing a Problems in Talent Hub and Updating some on Spatial Voice. But we dont need to Worried about if DevForum will be Outage again they gonna Announce it on their Social Medias As Soon As Possible.

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Oh ok, thanks for the info. Didn’t know the Talent Hub had a couple bugs too.

Talent Hub Experiencing a Major Bug tho, Luckily they make it Beta. Which is not open for the Public and That’s good they can Test it Before releasing it to the Public. No problem tho, Happy to Help!

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Hi, this should be largely resolved now, let us know if you can still reproduce this.


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