Week 2 - Does it have potential?

Hey forum, working on a simple simulator style game. Trying to be effective in the basics and make a staple of a game. Regardless of the fact that it’s a simulator, does it have any potential?


Just joined this, and this game has some flaws.

  1. I was just thrown in and I have no idea what to do. You need to give players instructions, cant expect them to know what to do by themselves.
  2. Seemed like the content was extremely minimal, I didn’t find anything new to do and it would get boring very fast. Add more locations to go, different things to do. Show the player everything they can get if they grind enough.

Yes your game has potential but it’s boring. I dislike simulators but this doesn’t have to be a simulator, it can be just a normal good game. The bosses are really slow in attacking and the wait for the bosses are slow. I wasnt able to see my health. The fighting is pretty boring because you’re only spam clicking and moving back when they attack, you should make weak points and special attacks. I didn’t explore much more of the game but you should make factions. You should add heroic music as I feel it’d fit well. The lobby could also use more filler because I think it has too much open space. I do agree with @kaspar1230. you do need a tutorial or some kind of instruction


Your game definetly has potential! It seems really interesting, however I didn’t get too attached to it. I can see a lot of people though playing your game and enjoying it. It looks like it’s doing well based on its player count. I’m happy to see a developer friend succeeding.

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Thanks for everyones encouragements, I added a tutorial and other small changes and I think it will be easier to pick up now to everyone’s help.

Personally, I don’t like simulators but this game is pretty boring.
The whole point of the game is to fill up your bag, sell it, and buy upgrades than stack up on rebirths and get a small boost to get back up to max. This could be a good game if it wasn’t just so boring. Many simulators are like this and really don’t get looked upon. Instead of that mentality of click to earn than sell once full, you could make a more fun and grindy game to make players come back and return. Try to have a max goal and give them benefits when reaching it but it will take good amount of time to reach that goal. If you don’t like my idea that’s okay just trying to help :slight_smile:

Btw I like your blacklands game it’s pretty fun.