Weird AbsolutePosition Behavior

Hello. The following showcases that the “Y” value of the AbsolutePosition property exhibits weird behavior.

AbsolutePosition says that the Y of an invisible Frame that is centered to its parent is 592 (Position:, 0, 0.5, 0)). (Illustrated as a bordered square)

The AbsolutePosition of the Parent is 1126, 557.
However, when the position of another Frame parented outside of the invisible Frame’s parent is set to its AbsolutePosition, it gets positioned differently. (Illustrated as a bordered square)
Its AbsolutePosition however returns as 555, which is vastly different than 592.

The red 'X" is where the Frame is supposed to be, which is the center of the GuiObject.

More Images
Properties of the Invisible Frame:

Properties of the Other Frame trying to replicate the Invisible Frame’s position:

Do take note that the Parent ScreenGui’s IgnoreGuiInset is set to true, so it will ignore the Topbar border.

The behavior of AbsolutePosition’s X seems to be fine. There are no Layouts affecting these objects, it is just a regular ScreenGui with Frames in it.

Any feedback and help is good, thank you!

This seems to be a situation hard to solve without accessing the GUI directly, I can see what you’re talking about

Set their anchor points to 0, 0 and see if they line up, if not it may be how the UI Elements are parented under each other etc.

I recommend looking at the Size property to, make a copy and paste of the ui and fiddle with it to get an accurate record of information to determine if its the just how the ui was set up or if it is a roblox engine issue, and the problem could purely just be in studio who knows!