Weird Ad Appears Out Of Nowhere

Hey Developers,

So on my airport there is issue when ever I join the game that ad just pops up out of no where and I need to remove it could someone please tell me how to i cant find the script.

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This topic shouldn’t be in cool creations for one and I suggest moving it, but I can’t help you without you providing a script or something to show what could be your issue. I suggest looking through your game’s scripts and finding the script that is causing this “AD” to be shown when you join the game.

I recommend that you first check the explorer of everything contained in your game, apart from using free models I recommend that you review them a lot as well as their properties since some of the free models are not safe and can change causing problems to your game without you wanting it

only if you use free models that are not safe

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I’ve moved this to Scripting Support since it’s not a feedback post. You have some kind of malicious script in your game. Also, please stop using Gyazo because it doesn’t embed images. You can copy-paste an image directly into your post, which is much nicer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did you scan through your scripts or did you complete a full search through the explore to find every script in your game?

If you think the script is using something that is important to make the ad pop-up, try playing the game in studio and removing something from the player or character. Either this will make the pop-up disappear, or it will make it error, allowing you to click the error in console and be sent straight to the thing that’s causing problems.

It seems like there is a malicious script hidden somewhere in your game that is doing this. Possibly search for the following keywords in scripts: “getfenv”, “require”. Functions like these usually load some kind of modules.

Filter all ScreenGui. If there are none that are like this, then filter all scripts/modules. You can also run the game in studio and check in the explorer for the name of the gui and try to filter it, but I think it’s more of a script than a screengui itself.

Use Ctrl-Shift-F to search all scripts for keywords. Look for things like “require”, “MarketPlaceService”, “TeleportService”, etc.

Backdoors are sometimes obfuscated too so you should also do Ctrl-P for quick open and check off “script only” to browse through all the game’s scripts.