Weird Alpha blur at decal

Hey there,

I thought that this was fixed ? I can’t use my Sprite sheet now :frowning:
Dropbox folder containing the PSD, PNG and the ROBLOX place :

Image :

umg Juriaan you’re supposed to put the files when you post even if people don’t ask you – if you don’t want people taking it (not like that’d be a concern, considering it has a much higher chance of being stolen through ROBLOX since people have unlimited access to your content :P) but, tell us the file type (i.e. .png) btw if you do put in conf tags.

The file type is a .PNG, and I here is a Dropbox folder with all the contents

Nope. You still need to upload at the display resolution, and rotations other than 0 and 180 won’t work.

You should just do this regardless. Rescaling images will never give you good results (unless they’re lines or such, like for creating patches).

Guys. The Images are created on a 24x24 grid. I don’t rescale them, I just want them to work properly. By the way, it are all vector icons in a PNG Spritesheet. They are not rotated. (They are all created on ‘0’)

The image was created at 24x24, you’re displaying it at 24x24, and it still doesn’t work properly?

Well, even at the original size they are blurry as hell. … I can count pixels at the edges, and honestly the image quality goes down really really fast

Can you post a pic of the original vs what it looks like when you display it at 24x24?

If it looks the same then that’s the intended behavior.

Photoshop Creative Cloud (72 Pixels / Inch, Vector on a 24 x 24 grid)

ROBLOX Studio (ImageLabel with a ImageRectangleSize of 24x24 with custom offset)

Please zoom in at both pictures to see what I mean. When you open the repro place in the Dropbox folder you will also see what I mean.

Yeah that’s definitely not intended. I heard of someone else who had this issue a while back and I think it was resolved by going into their graphics card control panel and increasing texture size or something like that.

I can understand that Ethan, but this isn’t a issue on my side. (I have a decent graphics card), and I honestly don’t wish to publish something what looks pixely to people that don’t have the luxury of a modern graphic card. Thank you for all your replies :slight_smile:

roblox and alpha don’t get along well, my guess is it’s only a 4 bit alpha channel, for cheaper rendering, also, there’s another weird glitch where half a pixel will wrap around to the other side of the decal, and everything will appear moved over a little, when displaying at non-normal resolutions, due to a glitch in their scaling algorithm, a nasty thing to get, especially when you depend on the borders of a decal/image being clean :frowning:

This is an issue on your side. It looks fine for me. Still looks fine even after I make it transparent and set the image rect to only show the check mark.

Do you have the ROBLOX place file for me ? And the above image is a .PNG without the Transparent background

Here’s the place file I’m using with the transparency and image rect

Here’s what it looks like

Ignore the white border, my alpha mask plugin it’s the best in the world. That’s on the source image.

Here’s what probably happens:

  1. Your GPU is not very good
  2. Because of 1 it does not support images that are not power-of-two
  3. Rendering engine resizes the image to 1024x512
  4. Your image looks bad.

You should make sure your atlas is using powers of two as the sizes - you can pack the entire atlas into 256x256 if you don’t use so much empty space. That way it will also use a fraction of the memory it currently uses (256 Kb instead of 2 Mb)

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Fixed by using a 256 x 256 image. (That is why I always keep the PSD files…)