Weird animation glitch

Guns I animated seems to be bugging during actual gameplay and looks normal when played through an animation player. All the animation priority are set to their correct priority so I’m not sure what seems to be the problem.

Animations played in a animator:

Animations played in-game:

Its robloxs new update, nothing you can do abt it.

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ur lying, u know that we can just change version settings right.
and also we can just disable beta things and others

Then what could it be? Explain before calling me a liar. (Im talking about the most recent studio, assuming he did not change the version, plus it would have to do with AnimWeightBlending if the anim is played, but scaled down.)

Welp, that explains a lot LOL. Thanks

Its the animation weight blend fix option, it’s removed a few days ago.

Theres nothing you can do about it other than republishing all animations in a new priority or adjust their weight manually

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